Monday, August 01, 2011

Again. Yes, again.

Here's how it happened:

Yesterday a friend posted on Facebook: "Our Biggest Loser competition begins today! Wish me luck!"

I, of course, needed to know exactly what this was all about, immediately, and whether I could join.

The details were as such: My Facebook friend's friend-of-a-friend had organized a competition wherein 14 women (at last count) each throw $20 into the pot. Each weighs in once a week (on Mondays) and sends a PHOTO of the weight on the scale to the organizer.

The biggest loser each week gets $20. The biggest loser overall gets the remainder of the pot. The competition ends mid-September.

And, oh, you guys. There is simply nothing I love more than a new diet plan. If that wasn't already abundantly clear. I had to join as quickly as possible, so I did, even though it meant sending a photo of my weight to the organizer (who is blessedly a stranger I hope to never meet in person), which was hopefully the most demoralizing thing I will do all week.

If you've been reading my blog for a long time, you might remember another biggest-loser-type competition I joined in late 2007 (yes, this blog is old) while working at my previous job. Buy-in was also $20, and at the end of the thing I hadn't lost or gained a single pound and the winner had lost 18.

I'm hoping to have a little more shame and healthy competitiveness this time around.

After all, I do have the added incentive of regulating my hormones by losing fat, which would presumably help me conceive my own little noise and poop machine.

One thing not working in my favor: I leave Thursday for BlogHer, and return Sunday. I don't plan to abstain from carbs and alcohol during that time. I therefore assume I shall not win the first week's weigh-in.

But for the remaining five weeks? Bitches better watch out! 

Update: There are now 20 women participating in the competition!

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