Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What's going on

Last week I made a vlog. Actually, I made two vlogs. I'd been drinking some wine and had decided it was a good idea.

In retrospect, it was not. I've watched them both, and they are both ... yucky. For starters, I was completely broken out and hadn't done my hair and was wearing a really ugly shirt. Also, the first vlog was boring, and in the second vlog, which was EIGHT MINUTES (like eight hours in Internet time), I simply read updates from other people on Twitter and went off on tangents about random stuff while drinking a glass of chardonnay.

So, much as I'd planned to post a vlog here this week, this shall not be happening. I am planning to post one next week, though, when I've had a chance to make myself appear slightly less terrifying and maybe come up with something to actually talk about, rather than just ramble aimlessly. BlogHer is next week and on the off chance that someone who reads this blog is attending the conference, I want them to know who they should avoid (Get it? It's me. In the video. Never mind.).

In other vagina news, you can catch me over at Tired and Stuck today. There's nothing new other than my vagina still thinks it's running the show. Little does it know I have other plans for it.

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