Monday, July 25, 2011

Forgotten treasures

About one hundred percent of the time, I am the sucker who accepts other people's castoffs, and gladly. This is particularly the case if the castoffs in question hold a fraction of an iota of sentimental value, and my dementia is quadrupled if the sentimental item in question happens to be an antique and/or the item was owned by a relative. Whether the relative is related to me by blood and whether I ever actually met the relative who owned the item(s) is unimportant.

The exception to this rule is when my father-in-law asks me if I want something my mother-in-law, who passed away five years ago, owned. My husband is always present to put the kibosh on the acquisition of any more "treasures" from his parents' home, not that I blame him seeing as how he and I could open a museum containing solely the items we acquired from his grandmother's home several years ago.

Anyway, due to my demented love for all things familial and antique, I left my parents' home last week with my car crammed full of keepsakes. Crammed too full to fit my grandmother's old sewing machine, which I need to go back for.

My parents have decided to downsize from their five bedroom, three bathroom house to a two bedroom, two bathroom condo. This requires a fairly enormous purge of furniture and forgotten treasures, many of which have been in the garage, collecting dust for several years. Where they plan to go, there will be no garage.

Which is how I ended up with this stuff. 

Cut glass bowls that belonged to my great-grandmother, whom I've never met. Incidentally, the table these bowls are sitting on is vintage as well -- from my grandmother-in-law's house. You didn't think I would sell her neat old table, did you? Also, the chairs? Are a castoff from a friend who didn't want them anymore.

An entire set of china in this pattern, called Pink T Rose, also belonging to my great-grandmother. Well, it's almost an entire set. The good news is I can complete the set by purchasing any missing items online, pretty cheaply.

Funny story: I received two place settings of china for my wedding. The problem was that I registered for china that cost wayyyy to much. I have no idea why. Anyway, recently my china went on sale -- buy one, get one free!! What an awesome deal, right? Well I found out that in order to acquire only six more settings? I would need to pay $1,000. AT A BUY ONE GET ONE FREE SALE. Gimme a break.

Vintage table linens, authentically stained with the au jus of yesteryear. These belonged to my grandmother who lives in a senior home, and believe me: That woman loves her some au jus.

 More of my "new" china, wrapped in another vintage tablecloth.

"Vintage" jewelry, from my mother's drawers. I vividly recall her wearing these during the 80s. Lucky for me, the 80s are back. I also acquired a number of funky items from the 70s that need a little spit and polish.

The purge at my parents' home is far from complete, so I'm sure this is just Installment #1 of stuff I will "need" to have. Which my husband is going to be really thrilled about.

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