Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A decent Italian dressing

So the problem with my favorite store-bought dressing is that it contains MSG and gluten. The problem with the dressings I make at home are that I tire of them quickly -- balsamic vinaigrette grates on the nerves after a while because it's so tangy.

And the problem with salads overall is that they can't all taste like the one you get at the Olive Garden. Mock the Olive Garden if you will, but their salad dressing is the best vinaigrette I know of. So I went on an Internet search for a recipe for their dressing, and I finally settled on a recipe that doesn't taste quite like the Olive Garden's, but is mild, unoffensive, and tasty. If you added parmesan cheese, it would be almost like the restaurant's.

The dressing is easy to make and probably doable with staples you have on hand. It won't harden in the fridge because you're using canola oil -- not olive oil. I know you'll be tempted to use olive oil. I've tried it in this recipe and just trust me, it's not as good. The recipe also includes good old white vinegar, not any fancy ass red wine or balsamic vinegars. Again, I've tried the recipe with other vinegars and it's a no-go. 

 Here are your ingredients: garlic salt, onion powder, sugar, dried oregano, pepper, dried thyme, dried basil, dried parsley, salt, canola oil, white vinegar. Not pictured: water.

First you mix all your dry ingredients together and then put em in a sealed baggie or some other airtight container. The dry mix makes enough for about three cups of dressing, and I prefer to make only about a cup at a time. 

Then you whisk a couple of tablespoons of your dry mix into the oil, vinegar, and water, and voila. You might think this looks overly herby, but it's not. It's very mild. More time spent marinating in the fridge will enhance the flavor but you can use it right away.

I got this recipe off of allrecipes.com. Visit this link for the recipe. Happy salad-eating!

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