Sunday, June 05, 2011

Wedding in the (wet) woods

Kudos to a couple who I'm sure never suspected it would rain buckets the day of their June wedding, forcing a host of last-minute revisions, including tents, plywood, footwear, umbrellas, heat lamps, and golf carts to ferry more than 200 guests up and down a muddy hill.

They handled it with grace.

I left my camera in the car, and considering I'd had to change into tennis shoes in order to slog through the mud to get to the wedding site, I was not going back for the camera. Used my phone instead. Here you can see they used mason jars for water glasses -- cute idea for a country wedding.

Here's one of the bridesmaids in a sundress and rain boots, carrying a parasol. Sorry to say I wasn't quick enough to get a close shot of the bride, who was beautiful in a strapless lace gown.

You can just see the 16 members of the wedding party (eight groomsmen, eight bridesmaids) standing outside, holding umbrellas.

 Cabin in the woods. Totally badass.

 Tiny mason jars for wine. Yes, I drank. That will be included in my post of shame on Monday.

The party favors were recipe cards tied up with string. There's a rendering of the cabin on the front card, as there was on the invite. Really cute idea.

The handmade invite.

 The car, once we got it unstuck from the mud and down the hill, at a gas station. Phew!

Stuff I took photos of that didn't show up in my phone because my phone's a POS: Dinner was family style -- a large bowl of salad, and a huge tray of paella. Delicious. The couple also had a "thumbprint tree," which was the first I've heard/seen. Each guests presses their inked thumb onto the branch of a tree painted on a large canvas. Pretty unique idea.

Congrats to Sarah and Ivan!

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