Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stop whining

This week has been very woe-is-me and self-doubty, which is annoying, so today! Shall be! A day of bullet points.

- I ate chicken last night.

- My book is so close to being finished, I can almost taste it.

- We are watching Arrested Development on Netflix since there ain't shit to watch on TV right now. There are so many great inside jokes in that show. Never-nude and "leave a note!" It slays me.

- If I am eating meat on my cleanse, does this mean the cleanse is basically over? I am pretty much a cleanse fraud.

- I highly suggest reading "Game of Thrones." It's a masterpiece. The level of detail blows me the hell away.

- I do not have HBO, so I have not seen Game of Thrones yet.

- To self-publish, or traditionally publish? That is the question.

- Men were just here to deliver a piece of bedroom furniture. They were Tongan.

- I would like a mani-pedi now.

- I forgot to write a fertility update on the fertility blog. There's no update though: Still not pregnant! Shocking, I know. 

- I plan to eat meat again tonight.

- Where do highly motivated people get their motivation?

- Cleanses are basically bull shit, anyway.

- But my poops are still outstanding.

- It is hot. The air conditioner works splendidly. Life is beautiful.

- Remember when Carrie's mom yelled: "They're all gonna laugh at you!" I worry that they're all gonna laugh at me.

- I'm going to drink wine this weekend. Wine is forbidden on the cleanse.

- I have a headache.

- One symptom of progesterone deficiency: Poor sleep. I sleep great for two weeks, then shitty for two weeks. At least I'm reliable! 

- Not only did we not win last night's Mega Millions, we didn't get a single number. I was planning on buying a cabin in Tahoe.

- Actually, I take it back -- I was supposed to have slept great last night, but I didn't. Damn unreliable progesterone.

- You know what's good? Cheese.

- You know what's funny? The phrase "cotton pickin'."

- My cursor disappeared. I've been less than pleased with Blogger over the last couple months.

- I shall take this as a sign, publish this post, go eat lunch, and turn on the A/C.

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