Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The results

So in twenty-one days, I lost eight pounds. I will take it, gladly. It's nice when your pants fit better and you don't feel like a bloated whale all the time.

But eight pounds in twenty-one days on a VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE CLEANSE? Is not impressive. It's not that the cleanse doesn't work, it's that I don't work. If I'd stuck to the program completely, I wouldn't be surprised if I'd lost double the amount of weight.

Ah, well. Baby steps and all that. 

You know, I used to be the sort of person who exercised on vacation. Like, I would purposely stay in a hotel that had a gym, so I could work out. I'd spend half an hour pounding out a few miles on a treadmill and then carry on with vacation.

Half an hour isn't so bad. I wish I hadn't stopped.

There were major changes taking place in my life, so I stopped working out. Lesson learned. Life will change over and over again, but I shouldn't allow it to derail my health.

In any case, aren't you relieved the cleanse is over? I can't tell you how thrilled I am that I didn't have to drink a big glass of juiced kale, brocolli, lettuce, and celery for breakfast. I had a smoothie with a nectarine, a little yogurt, and some almond milk.

I'll be getting back to my regular shenanigans shortly -- posting photos of food and describing how my cat puked on the hearth (abundantly!). I have lots of posts in the works, none of them cerebral or diet-related. We shall be back to the mundane and fluffy very soon!

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