Monday, June 06, 2011

Cleanse: Days 5-7 (bless me father for I have sinned)

Things I ate Saturday that were not on the program:

- two glasses red wine
- paella
- 3 peanut butter M&Ms
- hamburger
- french fries
- 7-up

If I'd really wanted to, I could have managed to stay on the cleanse on Saturday, although it would have required more mental willpower than I obviously possessed. I was feeling really great in the morning, all light and airy instead of bloated and heavy, like I usually feel. The SECOND I was done eating the paella at the wedding, I felt bloated. That is the first time during the cleanse that I've felt like that.

The rest of the weekend I did well. I've been drinking my morning green juice and eating my giant salads. Honestly, the green juice is easier to down than the salads are at this point. I think I need to experiment with different dressings. I did probably eat too many brown rice cakes with jalapeno hummus. (whole foods makes a great jalapeno hummus if you like it a little spicy)

I also discovered brown rice tortillas. On Friday I cut one of those in half and covered it with marinara and mushrooms, then baked for ten minutes and then threw on some sliced basil. It was delightfully crispy.

My detox symptoms seem to be abating a bit. I'm not as tired, and I don't have headaches. I was downright cheerful on Saturday, up until the hamburger, fries, and 7-up, and then I just felt ill.

Intestinally, I am spectacular. I am more regular than I've been in probably years, and it's apparent my insides are still getting scrubbed out by all the new fiber, if you understand my meaning. This probably contributed to the feeling of lightness I had Saturday morning before I went and ruined it all. 

In an effort to stay motivated, I watched Food Inc last night. I'd read the book, as well as Omnivore's Dilemma so was really familiar with all the content, but it is altogether something else to see it. It recommitted me to staying off meat for the next two weeks. I won't go into detail here -- just suffice to say that if you watch this and it doesn't make you want to either become a vegetarian or ensure all of your meat comes from pasture-fed, hormone & antibiotic free animals, then there is something broken in your brain. The film is downright disturbing.

There are still a few things I'm supposed to be doing that I haven't really committed to yet, and those include:

- meditation. Haven't done this at all, but I think it could be beneficial by keeping me focused.
- dry brushing. Haven't done this at all, either, and I think it's a load of crap but I'll try it.
- exercise. I only exercised twice last week, but that's two times more than I usually exercise, so...

That's it for today. Tomorrow for my one-week update I'll do a weigh-in. Toodles!

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