Friday, June 03, 2011

Cleanse: Day 4 (detox blows)

I did not juice this morning.

I know. 

How can I expect the right results if I don't juice?

Well, I have another question. How can I be expected to juice when detox symptoms include nausea and headache? Oh, and irritability.

The very idea of gulping down green juice right now induces my gag reflex. So I'm eating a pear. Maybe I'll have a frothy mug of green juice this afternoon. Deeee-lightful.

The fatigue is still here, too. Currently the result of this experiment is causing two warring thoughts:

1) Fuck the cleanse. Life is short. Eat yummy food. The second the cleanse ends I'm going to Hobee's and ordering coffee cake.

2) What have I done to myself? Eating and drinking organic raw vegetables is causing detox symptoms. Yummy food is poison. Eat salads forever.

I can't decide which one of those thoughts is going to win. Good thing I still have 17 more days to decide. 

Once you get over the initial detox hump and overcome old cravings, you won't be hungry because you'll be eating the highest-quality nutrition on the planet. - Kris Carr, Crazy Sexy Diet

Will I ever decide I don't want coffee cake? We shall see.

Now on to my next dilemma -- a weekend of driving and wedding-attending.

Never mind that I have no idea what to wear to this thing: It's an outdoor wedding and is supposed to be raining, possibly snowing. We've been advised to wear flat shoes and bring umbrellas. I guess trousers and ballet flats?

No, the real dilemma here is, of course, the food. I can pack stuff to eat on the road, but at the wedding ... to eat or not to eat? And cake? I'm still deciding what's going to happen.

Kris says:  If you bottom out or revolt over the course of the next 21 days, just giggle and recommit.

So we'll see. Wedding food usually sucks anyway, so maybe I'll just stick to salad.

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