Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A weigh-in & Fathead

Thankfully, I am down 3.4 pounds this week, which is only .8 pound less than the 4.2 pounds I gained last week.

Good grief.

That leaves 37.4 pounds to go. But who's counting?!

I did really well avoiding carbs, and avoided coffee for a few days until I realized my debilitating headaches were probably a result of a lack of caffeine. So I'm back on coffee -- sue me.

I realized I can't cut out peanut butter quite yet -- at least not until I've finished off the jar I bought a few weeks ago. It's almost gone.

I've done very well not eating sugar, moderately well in cutting out dairy, and I only had one alcoholic beverage in the last week, so ... Winning! (Sorry)

This week I watched a documentary called Fathead, a cheaply produced flick that a comedian named Tom Naughton threw together, partially to debunk Morgan Spurlock's documentary, Supersize Me. It's mildly annoying to watch, so if you don't mind I'm just going to summarize it for you here.

Basically, he comes to the conclusion that grains are the root of all evil. The government's Food Pyramid is a lie told to us so that we will consume huge quantities of grains produced by the farms the government subsidizes. This isn't necessarily new information -- In The Omnivore's Dilemma, we learn that corn is the root of all evil (it really is).

Furthermore, the experts Naughton interviews conclude that not only is grain making Americans fatter than they've ever been, over-consumption of grains is one true cause of heart disease -- not cholesterol and saturated fat, which is what's been hammered into our brains for years now. They say the saturated fat-causing-heart-disease belief is a myth, also coincidentally perpetuated by the government. In reality, grains (in particular processed grains) and sugar cause the inflammation that leads to a buildup of plaque in the arteries (which is where cholesterol comes into play).

And to top it off, they say eating meat, vegetables, fruit and dairy is really all you need and it will not cause your bad cholesterol levels to rise -- rather it will make them drop. To prove this, Naughton goes on a full fat, butter, red meat, cream, veggie and fruit diet for a month and shows that his good cholesterol levels go up and the bad cholesterol levels go down. I didn't find this too entirely shocking, as it's what the SugarBusters! dudes have been saying for some time.

In any case, if Fathead is correct about all of this, it kind of confirms that I've made the right decision with this diet. It kills me not to eat bread and rice and potatoes sometimes, but that is the exact stuff that's been keeping me fat. That and ice cream and beer. 

All right, that concludes your lesson for the day. Now, onto the next item of clothing I'd like to fit into some time this century.

The ribbon that goes across the waist of this dress makes it look like a little chunkler outfit, but believe me, it's actually quite slim. I wore this to several weddings and even my own rehearsal dinner (I'm low maintenance). It's two sizes smaller than I am right now. I have lots of photos of myself in this dress that I could post here, but in every photo there are either other people who may not want their photos posted on my blog, or I am making a really weird face. I don't like having my picture taken. It makes me nervous.


It's a good dress and has served me well. If I can manage to fit back into it, I imagine it will make a few more appearances at weddings and such.

Next Tuesday, I'll show you the dress I bought to wear two months after I got married, when I could no longer fit into the dress you see above, so that I could attend my husband's company Christmas party. Now? I can't fit into that dress, either.


  1. hey, losing weight is losing weight. even if it's half a pound, it's still success.

  2. 3.4 in a week is killer!

    there really is nothing better than rice. shit. i read somewhere awhile ago that "fat" was an aquired taste and that once we get it out of our systems for a long time, we will no longer yearn for that taste/flavor. hmmmm.

  3. I have a dress and a pair of jeans I keep around that I fit into years ago that don't quite fit now. Sometimes I feel I should move on and purge them (they are no longer my style for one thing) but I can't quite bring myself to do that.

    Your dress is very pretty!

  4. If it make you feel better there is a new study saying all women should carbo load in the first trimester of pregnancy to avoid having a child who is overweight in childhood.


  5. libby's news is the best thing i've heard all year! i'm going to get a headstart on that shit, stat. nevermind i'm not even pregnant.

  6. Tilte - Thank you! I count it as a victory!

    Holly - Thanks! And agreed -- I love steaming hot rice with ANYTHING. Unfortunately.

    WC - I have SO MANY things like that. :-)

    Libby - Where can I read about this study?!

  7. 3.4 lbs woo! But also. I like bread. They can pry my whole grain bread from my swollen, sausage like fingers. I am just saying.

    I also like salad. Fuck food.

    (I have been drinking whiskey)