Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Non weigh-in

I know it's Tuesday and the whole idea is to stay accountable but today I am going to do something I rarely do, which is: Be kind to myself.

If I don't? Then I'd have to admit weight gain and I'd get all down on myself again and as it is, I am already tired of living in my own brain, much less my body. I'd like to power down and take a vacation in someone else's head. 

Because there are already too many negative, downer thoughts bouncing around in my head, and I already feel like a fat loser without stepping on the scale and confirming it.

You forgive me this week, right? I knew you would. You're so purty. 


  1. I agree with being kind to yourself. A well-deserved break!

  2. a weigh-in every week is too much, if you ask me. weight can fluctuate from day to day, and if you happen to catch yourself at a time when maybe you have a couple of extra pounds, it'll be too easy to get down on yourself.

    take this time to totally unwind. have fun, eat what you want, and most importantly cut back stress (i'm sure the weigh-ins and ovulation monitoring are not exactly soothing your nerves).

    we all have to break the rules every now and then.