Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday again, I suppose

I feel pooped from a fun weekend, so guess ... what ... comes ... next? (I don't know why I felt compelled to put ellipses in that sentence)

Bullet points!!

- Grandma is said to be doing fine. Mom texted me a photo of her eating lunch in her hospital bed, looking pleased as punch. Hernia, schmernia.

- I ate cheese for dinner on Friday night.

- What is the deal with Jill and Alex on Real Housewives of New York? Which one of them is a crazy biznatch? Both? I just started watching at the tail end of last season and still can't figure out what the hell is going on.

- Saturday I went to San Francisco to see a comic, but we had to turn around and come home after dinner because one of us was ill (not me). But, I did get to eat a delicious plate of pasta and drink a couple glasses of wine. Winning! (Sorry.)

- I mistook the Bay Bridge for the Golden Gate Bridge. I? Am not smart sometimes.

- And when Jill and Bethenny were in a fight? What was that all about?

- I love ahi poke.

- I had three glasses of Chardonnay last night. What is wrong with me? Actually, scratch that. I already know: I have no restraint. I fail at moderation. 

- Cindy has two little baby twins and she's 46! She endured three years of IVF. If I were Catholic, I would have crossed myself after I wrote that.

- Tomorrow's weigh-in is sure to be a bomb. In a bad way. Tonight? I am eating bad things again. It can't be helped. 

- Yesterday we went to a couple of open houses to torture ourselves and one of the houses is on a SEPTIC system. Um? Gross. Where do we live? In the boonies? No. This is San Jose. Hook that shit up to the city sewer and then gimme a call, mkay? 

- Ramona is straight up crazy, right? Right.

- Is it too early for lunch?


  1. I'm down two pounds. That's it.

    Last night's asparagus, baked potato, crab legs and late night guacamole isn't helping.

  2. I dread tomorrow. It's going to be UGLY.

  3. this weekend was spent going buckwild with *free* goodies from rehearsal dinners, bridal party mimosas, buffets receptions, and several slices of wedding cake.

    saying it was difficult to breathe in my bridesmaid dress is the understatement of the year.

  4. I'm like four seconds from starting my period, too, so it's all bad. I'm a swollen, bloated mess.

  5. it's never too early for lunch. never.

  6. Septic systems? Do they have running water? Electricity?

  7. Dude. Monday weigh ins are evil. I now weigh in on Fridays, after a full workweek of being good.

  8. Er, I mean Tuesdays. Those aren't enough time to make up for my weekends.