Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hard or Harder

Is it wrong if I want to skip trying to be published traditionally and all of the agent-hunting and rejection and waiting that comes with it, and just go straight to electronic publishing?

I haven't decided if that would be a cop out or if it would be only logical -- I spend much of my day on the Internet, "speaking" with people all over the world who I've never met in person. Maybe e-publishing and self-marketing is just the next logical step.

Or maybe I'm just afraid of rejection. I have, as I've mentioned, a healthy fear that my book is the worst book that has ever been written, so maybe I'm just worried agents and publishers will laugh in my face.

Or maybe I'm just realistic. Many very good authors can't get published traditionally for whatever reason, and some of them who have self-published have been very successful. Some authors get published traditionally, and their books tank anyway.

I could simply be lazy. This is a very real possibility.

Anyway. That's what's on my mind today. Back to writing. Must write. Must finish. Or die. One of the two.


  1. I would never, ever in a million years think of self-publishing an e-book as a cop out or as being lazy. I think it might even be cooler than traditional publishing. Either way, your book is going to be awesome!

    Also, I'm kind of glad you don't realize how talented you are just because your ego would be so big it might become difficult to maintain a friendship. :)

  2. Self-publishing is definitely not a cop-out! My aunt published a book through and has sold 65 copies (ok, not a ton, but better than none). My brother is also looking into self-publishing after realizing how hard it is to get published the old-fashioned way. And you never know, that may lead to oprah discovering your awesomeness some day! Plus, then you will have hard copies you can send/sell to everyone you know. : )

  3. Erin, the fact you are writing a book at all is pretty amazing!!!! However the book gets published is a VICTORY!!!!

    By the way, thanks for the restaurant recommendation. Cascal was awesome! Awesome food, great ambiance, live band...what else could you ask for.

  4. I think self-publishing can be a good option, but I also know an independent bookstore owner who deals with self-published authors all the time and they area a pain in the ass. I'd say work on getting published in journals, etc., to establish a reputation. Keep plodding on the agent front, give it time.

    I know that there are successful self-published authors out there, though. But there are far, far more who end up screwed, and spending to much time trying to sell the book they published, they don't have time to write anymore.

  5. Christina - Thank you. And never fear: I will perpetually be filled with gnawing self-doubt. Because I ... I am no good. Really. I am an impostor.

    Melissa - 65 ain't bad! If I sold 65, I'd be like, 65 people PAID MONEY to read MY book?! Oprah really could solve all my problems. :-)

    Trisha - Thank you! And I adore Cascal... think I could eat there every night.

    Ells - I am hearing that the self-marketing can be a bit of a nightmare. I haven't completely decided yet, so we'll see. I don't want to wait too long, because I am not patient. It's a problem.