Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Garage goings-on

My husband is on a bit of a vacation between jobs, and in his spare time he's been known to enjoy destroying things. Therefore, he went to work destroying the ceiling tiles in our garage a couple days ago. I did my part by documenting the job with photos.

The idiots who lived here before us installed ceiling tiles in the garage, as you can obviously see here. They screwed AND glued them in, making the removal process infinitely more annoying.

Here you can see that they also installed some extra wood cross beams to screw/glue the ceiling tiles to. By the way, we're not sure why, exactly, they had ceiling tiles in the garage. We speculated that someone may have actually been living in there, considering that there is basically a wardrobe in the garage as well, with hangers on a rod left by the previous owner. If someone did, indeed, live in the garage, I pity them. It is freezing in the winter and hot as an oven in the summer.

Anyway, all we knew is we needed the tiles gone, so we could use the garage for desperately needed storage.

We found some fun stuff above the ceiling. There was some insulation, but not much. Above, my husband's pulling carpet down. Old, disgusting carpet -- what a treasure!

He also found some old Halloween decorations. 

Here's what the garage looks like now. No more ceiling tiles, but most of the crossbeams are still there because of some wonky electrical we discovered. You can kind of see wires running to and fro.

 At least now I have a rough estimate as to when the roof was installed. 1997-ish.

Look at all this extra room! I could practically start my own cult and hold church in my garage now.

Anyway, that's it for today. I've teased you mercilessly with preview shots of the living room, which STILL isn't done, so I figured I'd throw you a bone with the garage. I'm nothing if not a master procrastinator!


  1. im in love with those vintage halloween decorations!!! what a find!

  2. WOW! Awesome Halloween stuff! It might be worth money? I have a book about vintage Halloween collectibles... But you should keep them. Or give them to me. :)

  3. Why is it none of us ever find money? You would think the garage hermit would have hoarded quarters or something.