Monday, April 04, 2011

Eat the Beet. Repeat.

You guys are all pretty well-versed in beet preparation, if your comments on last week's beet post are any indication. And I just wonder -- how? I don't remember beets being present at a single meal when I was growing up. Maybe my parents didn't like beets.

Maybe they were right not to. 

'Cause beets? Kinda suck.

So as you'll recall, I roasted a beet until it looked like this:

Which I compared to a bleeding cow's eyeball. I've dissected a cow's eyeball, and this is pretty much what it looks like after you've taken your scalpel to it.


Several commenters encouraged me to just peel the damn thing and slice it up and put it in a salad. So I did.

This is an endive, green leaf lettuce, roasted walnut, blue cheese & beet salad with a vinaigrette I whipped up real quick with olive oil, red wine vinegar, dijon mustard, honey, salt and pepper.

It was good. My husband liked it quite a bit. I ate most of the beets until my stomach yelled: PARDON ME. WHY ARE YOU FEEDING ME GOAT POOP.

And then I stopped. Beets are a gamey vegetable, don't you think? Like when you eat lamb and sometimes it's kind of gamey and it just tastes wrong? Beets are the gamey vegetable of the vegetable world. They just taste wrong. 

Now, what tastes right is if you subtract the beets from this salad and add in some slice apple and dried cranberries. Which is what I did the following night.

In conclusion: I tried the beet and it sucked. I'll be subtracting beets from my Farm Fresh To You deliveries, seeing as how there are still two giant beets sitting in the fridge that I have no idea what to do with.


  1. I grew up with a giant backyard garden, with many vegetables, including beets. My mom used to pickle the beets, and that's the only way I can eat them. I'm not sure how healthy or unhealthy that is, but it sure makes them tasty!

    Thanks for the laugh! : )

  2. Yeah, I'm wondering if pickling would make them more appetizing. I think that's just vinegar, right? Shouldn't be too unhealthy. Although realistically, I'm not entirely sure I'll ever get around to pickling a damn thing. :-)

  3. My mom doesn't pickle them, but I think she soaks them with vinegar.

    I suppose I should have asked her BEFORE I commented on your beet debacle again. Because in essence I'm saying that there is a way to make them delicious, I just have no idea how.


  4. hahaha.... Yeah, having them this way kind of grosses me out. They're a little sweet, which is probably a good thing if you're a beet lover, but to me it was just all bad.

  5. Definitely an acquired taste and I only started enjoying them recently. They taste like dirt to me. And grass. And, yes, I strangely like that. Now you will look at Dwight Schrute differently, won't you?

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