Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Babies babies babies

Sunday: A woman at the coffee shop wheeled newborn twins through the door and I remarked to my husband, "Probably IVF." I feel like I see twins all the time these days. Your chance of having natural fraternal twins is 1.7%. Your chance of having natural identical twins is .4%. Your chance of having twins via IVF is between 20 and 25%.

Monday: It looked like Mommies-with-newborns day at the grocery store. Each one was more adorable than the next. All of the mommies were skinny. I got a week's worth of grocery shopping done in 10 minutes flat. 

Tuesday: The woman at the salon having her hair done next to me said she had two sons, both conceived while taking Clomid. "It's the only way I could conceive," she said. Her stylist was five months pregnant, the good old-fashioned way.

Wednesday: I'm blogging about chucking all my fertility junk in a drawer and taking a cycle off. Tranquilizers and margaritas are sounding better and better. Catch up with me at Tired & Stuck.


  1. i'm with you. as in, i'm fed up with this whole motherhood business. it seems like every time i turn around, i see another stroller with a cute little toddler making googoo eyes at the nearest shiny object.

    even worse than that is the (what seems like) millions of little 21 year olds who are ready to pop. and i'm 31. and nowhere near having a family.

    nothing gets me hateful quicker than that shit.

  2. Yeah, and maybe it's in my head, but I feel like all the mommies are judging me? I feel like they don't think I'm ... worthy or something. Some of them seem so smug.

  3. Some of the moms I run into are totally smug biz-natches. And don't even get me started on WC moms!! "Oh, you WORK?" insert upturned nose here. It's enough to give you a complex.

    But others are super nice -- I think it depends on when/where you shop.

    And I think you're faboo.

  4. The whole motherhood issue is exhausting. On one hand, I'm pretty sure I'd want a kid one day. On the other hand, I'm totally petrified of turning into a Smug Mommy. I've seen it happen to the best of them...

  5. Shell - I definitely don't want to lump all mommies into the "smug" category, but most of the ones at Whole Foods can kiss my ass. One in particular was giving me the eye while she loaded her cart with chard and beets.

    Vanessa - Good point. I wonder if I'll be smug?? I can't imagine. I'll probably be the totally jacked-up looking mom with peanut butter in her hair and holes in her sweatpants, just trying to hold it all together. :-)

  6. Ugh. Say no more. Trader Joes moms are much nicer!

  7. Chard and beets?!

    I feel sorry for her kids.

  8. Right? I felt like she and I were locked in some kind of nutrition battle, and she won. Oh, she won.

  9. wow i had no idea the twin percentage! i feel like i see em everywhere too. esp with celebs.