Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Weigh-in & self sabotage

Today's weigh-in shows a loss of .8 pounds, which ... is shocking. Shocking because I expected to gain. I was feeling mighty bloated from my weekend carb/sodium fiesta. Weekends are my Achilles heel. Slowly but surely, I will beat weekends into submission.

Anyway, I now have lost a total of 6.2 pounds and have 37.8 more pounds to go! This week I vow to exercise. Really, really, really. It's sunny out and the least I could do is go for a walk.

I'd like to address last week's weigh-in and challenge, when I announced that I'd been challenged to fit into a certain dress by October, in return for my friend hiring a DJ for her wedding. I've elected to step down from the challenge. Not the weight loss part! I still challenge myself to do that. But I can't in good conscience expect my friend to base decisions for her wedding on my weight loss. Wedding planning is annoying enough without something like that.

But that whole thing did give me the idea to drag out a new piece of clothing every week that I'm looking forward to fitting into. I have several gems I'm simply unwilling to part with. Well, they're gems to me. Some clothes just worm their way into your heart and you can't give 'em up.

I bought this shirt to wear on my honeymoon five years ago, and that is the last time it fit. It's from Express and is a size medium and I am a size large. My bazoombas are two sizes larger now (GAH!!) and will most certainly not fit into this shirt, nor will my stomach and back fat.

I rully, rully do lurve this durn shurt.

And I have a good feeling about next week's weigh-in. Yep! I do.


  1. Great shirt!!! CAH CAH!!! You know I love it.

  2. I like yur purty shurt.

    Why am I the only woman in the world who can gain twenty pounds and still fit into a training bra?

  3. Darling husband - I know you love a good burd shurt.

    Elizabeth - Ya know, my weight is pretty well distributed, but it does tend to collect a bit more in my face and boobs. And my thighs. 'Tis life.

  4. fingers crossed- it's always sweet victory when you can fit into old (smaller) items.

    also, i'm with you in the fat-goes-straight-to-the-face club. it's so unfair, really.