Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Weigh-in & a challenge

Today's weight didn't budge up or down, which is an absolute miracle considering what I feasted on over the weekend.

Friday: Tostada loaded with guacamole and sour cream, plus bounteous chips and salsa and sangria. 

Saturday: Wine, cake, risotto, French onion soup -- all not on the diet, but delicious.

Sunday: (Here is where I hide my face in shame) I ate a spicy fried chicken sandwich, curly fries and a real Coke from Jack in the Box. My first fast food in months (and it was DELICIOUS).

But I'm back on the wagon, now, and since there was no weight loss, I still have 38.6 pounds to lose. 

And this week, I've been presented with a new challenge. First, a little background: I have a friend who is getting married in October. Currently she is not planning on having a DJ or dancing at her wedding, which I keep telling her is utter madness because she loves to dance. (Don't you love when your friends give you unsolicited advice about your wedding plans??)

So we were browsing through some photos and came across one of me at a wedding we attended six years ago, when I weighed approximately 40 pounds less than I do right now. And she said:

If you fit back into that dress, I'll hire a DJ for the wedding.

Which is a little cruel, right? But I'm game. And it's on, honey. Oh, it's on. You may as well book the DJ now.

Anyway, here is the dress.

I have trouble parting with clothing, therefore this has been collecting dust in the spare room closet for several years. It doesn't look impossibly tiny or difficult to fit into, does it? But I checked the size and it's a full three sizes smaller than what I am now.

But never mind that. I have about six months to lose approximately 40 pounds, which is only a little more than six and a half pounds a month. Which is completely doable, my friends.


  1. Totally doable, Other Erin.

    I wanted to lost 30 more pounds before a wedding on April 30th AND find a super awesome cool and unique outfit to wear.

    I've done neither so far.

  2. Do you really have 30 more to lose? You look so small!

  3. I remember when you got that dress. Love it and you are gonna look hot in it girl!

  4. I started at 210, lost almost 60 and then gained 10 recently. I was going to revel in that weight lost and then lose 30 more, to be 120ish.

    That was the goal to be met by April 30th. Jeremiah is the best man in a wedding and I know not a soul that will be there. I'm so uptight about things like that. I hate being self conscious.

  5. love the blackmail!! :) cute dress


  6. you can do it!!!!! and dance your pants off!! i love your friend for this cute challange.