Friday, March 04, 2011

It's a problem

It seems like so many people are planning weddings right now, I just can't help but think of my own wedding almost five years ago and how I would do it differently today.

Don't get me wrong -- I think for the time, it was right. But if I were getting married today? At age 32? And with hindsight being what it is? Here is what I would do....

I would go here:

Bora Bora


Viva Las Vegas

I would invite maybe 10 people.

I would wear something like this:

With my hair down, and no veil, but a gardenia in my hair is a must. 

That there is a lot of pomp and circumstance on my head

I would wear false lashes!

And three pairs of Spanx.

I would get a tan ahead of time.

I would write my own vows.

I would not wear shoes or if I were in Vegas, I would wear flats.

Yes, that is satin, and a drop waist. I am a crack smoker.

I don't know why I torture myself with these thoughts.

There is no way, being who I was at the time, that we could have had that wedding; the simple Vegas or beach wedding. My wedding day I was so freaked out I couldn't eat. I don't know why. Maybe it was the finality of it? Or being the center of attention?

There's no use in wanting to change how things were, and as it happens, it was perfect for many reasons. I guess part of my musings on how I would change things is just me knowing myself better, now. There's no need to do something for the sake of doing it, if it's not true to who you are.


  1. I'm kind of the opposite...I had a very small, very very low budget wedding when I was 28, and now...If I ever get lucky enough to do it again, I'd want something a little more splashy & sophisticated. Not big because I don't enjoy being the centre of attention, but something with a little more...oooomph...than I had the first time 'round.

  2. there must be wedding-mania in the air with all these likeminded posts.

    we both know i think everything wedding related is a rip-off. if i got married again, i would do a lot of things differently too. different style of dress, different feel at the reception. -more relaxed, i think. i wasn't a nervous or schizo bride by any means, but knowing what i know now, it just seems like the whole thing would have a much different meaning to it.

    btw- love the casual white, cotton dress. so j crew.

  3. I want my wedding dress to be HUGE! Bora Bora looks nice...

  4. We wanted to elope. It was our first plan. Then we realized that my mother would never peak to us again. We kind of like her, so we didn't.

  5. Oh, dear, I would do quite a few things differently, and I've thought that since like 3 months after my wedding. : ) The venue was gorgeous, my dress was awesome (although wearing a size or two smaller would have been nice...), and we got away with only inviting 60 people. The things I would change are smaller, like not stressing over having the perfect gender-specific favors (don't ask), and making sure the lady playing the piano was actually informed that I specifically requested NOT to walk in to "Here comes the bride." (my hubby said to his best man, "uh oh, she's not coming," knowing my extreme dislike of that song). I think though, that as with anything in life, we always think about what we would do differently if we could do it again. Both Vegas and Bora Bora sound pretty darn good - for the renewal of the vows in 20 years, perhaps? : )

  6. where is that white cotton dress from? it's perfect

  7. WC - maybe it's a bit like having curly hair and wanting straight hair and vice/versa. ;-)

    YLIDHAG - agreed, and agreed. And it IS jcrew. :-)

    Unforgettable - more power to you!

    Libby - that was kind of our problem, too. Damn families and their expectations!

    Melissa - our DJ didn't have our first dance song so it ended up being "In Your Eyes." What. The. Fuck.

    Michele - That is a jcrew dress. I should have given photo credit and will do so right now...