Monday, March 07, 2011



Pardon me while I have one of those rare moments of inspiration, when I want to attack all of my projects with ferocity.

Those projects include --

- weight loss. I'm embarking on an aggressive diet and exercise program. I know this goes against everything I normally preach about the evils of diets. And they are evil, make no mistake. But, weight! Must! Be! Lost!

- book writing. The book must be written! I must buckle down, and finish the book! Write! Write! Write!

- blogging. I now write for two blogs. I must be inspired! Blog! Blurb! Keyboard diarrhea!

- house stuff. I must build a planter box and finish painting/decorating the living room and clean out the garage and the spare bedroom and paint everything else and re-floor the family room and put up a mantle and Decorate! Decorate! Decorate! We need plantation shutters and, unfortunately, vertical blinds in the family room! Go! Go! Go!

- vacation. I will vacate like a champ! I am going to enjoy the hell out of a vacation, sometime soon.

- learn to use my camera. The new camera -- it's new! It's big and complicated! Learn! Photograph! Go!

And that's about it. Nothing much, really.


  1. we are so connected somehow...

    1. i just joined weight watchers
    2. i'm going to try to start blogging again (writing a book is too hard tho)
    3. i'm re-decorating my office because i'm in a slump in finishing my house
    4. i'm counting down the days to vacation
    5. i have a book i need to read in order to learn how to use my new big & complicated camera

    Now if I can just have my own moment of inspiration so I can feel as motivated as you...

  2. girL - I got a good pep talk from my husband this weekend. :-) Also, having deadlines helps, even if they're only in your head. We'll do this together!!

  3. Ok, now I'm challenged I have to get my attack list. Thanks for inspiring me!