Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A tease: The living room

Firstly, just need to get this out of the way: I am not weighing in today (again) because I am changing up my eating plan for reasons I'll explain later, as part of a project I'm excited about and will be filling you in on in the next month or so.

Secondly, and of more immediate importance, do you remember my living room? The one that had a bed propped up against one wall for a year? The one that was full of junk that all got sold in a garage sale over the summer?

It gives me hives just looking at these.

And then I showed you what it looked like when all the stuff was gone and the clouds parted and angels sang and life was beautiful again?

Dear Lord: Thank you for hardwood floors. Amen.

Oh, and remember the paint samples on the wall? Ha. Hahahaha.... HA! We painted. I still need to finish touching up a few areas, but the vast majority of the room done got painted. What color(s), you ask? Hmmm.

Well I'll show you a couple of hints. I can't show you the whole room yet (until it's done!!), but I can't resist showing you a couple little elements.

The first five photos are basically journalist pornography.

Oh, baby.

Antique typewriters? You shouldn't have.

Both of these were discovered in my husband's grandmother's home after her passing. Along with many, many other gems.

Dear Underwood: I love you. Goodbye.

You had me at QWERTY

Yes, that does say The Pocket Book of Boners. No, it is not a pocket book of erect male genitalia.

We have oodles and oodles of old family photos.

And old books.

This is a book published in 1964 about Kennedy's assassination.

 A little porn for the photogs.

Oh, no I didn't. Oh, yes I DID!

 Just a little taste.

 And another one.

And a cat in a box.

That's all for today, but I'll post more when the room is done. I just need to get some stuff up on the walls and finish touching up the paint and then I'm calling it done.


  1. Oh! love all the old stuff! I'm sure it's gorgeous - can't wait to see the final photos.

  2. Ohmigah you tease! You bashful teasing teaseface!

    Underwood drool ....

    also, "You had me at Querty" with a typewriter. Is that a T-shirt yet? I want one for my birthday.

  3. i just created my own Pocketbook of Boners when i saw the camera and that old record player/ buffet thingie. fucking droooool.

  4. can i tell you the cat in the box MADE the post!

  5. Ooh! Will it let me post photos in a comment? I am in a hotel in Modesto, and you would really appreciate the pictures on the wall above the desk where I'm sitting.