Monday, February 14, 2011

Of love

Saturday I spent a few hours in bed with my lover.

Well, lots of beds.

We are bed shopping. Have you shopped for beds lately? When you're shopping for beds, it's of course important that you lie down on them, jiggle around to test the comfort, turn onto your side or your belly to see what it feels like when you're in the position you usually lie in while asleep.

Mattress stores are large, dimly lit, quiet, cool in temperature, and basically empty. At any given moment, there are approximately zero customers in any given mattress store. So when you lie down about 50 different times on comfortable beds in a darkened, quiet place, you start to become verrrry sleepy. I'm getting sleepy just thinking about it.

The End.

Just kidding.

So, yeah. We are bed shopping, and haven't taken the plunge yet because we're nervous we're going to buy a bed and then it's going to suck donkey balls and we're going to be stuck in the position we are right now, which is to say: Our current bed sucks donkey balls and we've only had it five years.

Isn't that a riveting story??

But I was thinking, with it being Valentine's Day weekend, that was kind of an appropriate outing for us, running around town, lying down on all these different beds. Of course, we think we've contracted a cold from said activity, but ...

So yes. It is Valentine's Day and we have dinner reservations, which is pretty out there for us. Usually we stay in and go: What do you want to do? Um, eat cheese and drink wine? Ok, let's eat cheese and drink wine.


But I was feeling lame because lots of other folks do stuff for V-Day, so I made a dinner reservation. Sound the horns! And then as soon as I made the reservation I began to feel a bit lame, like one of the herd heading out for V-Day dinner, conforming to the Hallmark holiday-ness of it all.

And then I began to feel bad about the waiters having to work on Valentine's Day. Which is a bit silly, isn't it? We're going to go, anyway, and I'm sure our waiter will receive a nice tip.

So, all of that to say -- Happy Valentine's Day to you and your lovers, current or future. May there be chocolate and cheese and wine and maybe a romantic movie. Happy Valentine's Day to my own, favoritest Unicorn Hunter, Roamer of the Hinterlands, soul mate-o'-mine.


  1. You know, if you ate at Sizzler, you wouldn't have to feel sorry for the waiters.

  2. Happy Balentimes day honey!

  3. I've been bed shopping, twice. Once, I spent less than 2 minutes picking a mattress. From IKEA. I have a great deal of regret over that buy... it was the worst bed ever.

    The second one was with a girlfriend, and she threw down a good chunk of change for it. It was quite comfortable... like sleeping on a mostly comfortable cloud.

    And yet, I don't feel like I ever can get comfortable with any sort of bed. I spent the majority of the past three years sleeping on either an air mattress, a LoveSac or a couch. I loved the LoveSac as a bed... it was like one of those dog or cat beds...

    Anyway, this year for V-day, we took a glassblowing class, and then I think we got drunk afterwards. I can't remember. It was probably the best Valentine's day ever. I highly endorse trying it yourselves.