Friday, February 11, 2011

It figures

Here's what happens the moment I decide to eat healthier.

1. The Superbowl. Commence consumption of mass quantities of nachos, fried chicken and alcohol.

2. Family outing to the sincerely detested Sizzler for consumption of high calorie ranch dressing atop wilted lettuce leaves, more nachos and disgusting hamburger/fries.

3. Family outing for Mexican food to celebrate brother-in-law's promotion. Commence consumption of enchiladas and sangria.

4. Breakfast outing with friends. Commence consumption of much-desired pancakes and all other gluten items banned from the house.

5. Spontaneous pizza party with friends. Commence consumption of pizza, beer, rice balls (a story for another time) and God knows what else.

6. Valentine's Day. A reservation has been secured at a steak house. I will not be eating salad.

All of that happened/is happening in a nine day period. All of it would be fine if I understood the fine art of moderation. Or if I was really into vigorous exercise.

I'm just saying: Tuesday's weigh-in doesn't look promising.


  1. I haven't banned gluten. I've encouraged you to eat said things.


    If it has been banned someone else in the house must be to blame!

  2. Not saying you banned it, darling dearest! Just that I try not to buy it since you can't eat it. I partake of gluten whenever the opportunity presents itself.

  3. I'm probably gonna pass on pizza this weekend.

    You guys should join me on my workout/diet regimen. 2-4 hours of workout a day, lean protein and vegetables. Good times.

  4. Mmmm. You had me at enchiladas. Too bad about the Sizzler though. It's a shame to waste calories on crappy food. I made the mistake of eating a cupcake and 3 store bought cookies today at the valentine's day party, and they were all disappointingly lame. The cupcakes (home made by a kid's parent) had a funny vanilla-like taste (but were chocolate cupcakes), and the cookies tasted like I was eating pure crisco. Of course, did I stop at 1 cookie? Nope. I had 3. Wish my luck on my run in the morning!

  5. But breakfast at Stacks was sooo good. It was great to eat large quantities of food with you!