Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Holiday Weight

As it turns out, it is much more satisfying to weigh yourself once a week instead of every day when you're trying to lose weight. Which -- duh.

I lost 3.4 pounds in a week, which is good. It's basically the weight I put on over the holidays, and now I'm at the weight I've been at for more than a year now.

What I'm doing is not dieting, although I am controlling portions. I am drinking lots of water, and a big mug of green tea after lunch. I am exercising, which is probably the biggest change. And eating lots of fruit and veggies. And dark chocolate every night, although not much. What I find, though, is I don't need much.

The true test now is to see what happens as I continue to do this. There's part of me that thinks I'm stuck at this weight, because it's just been the number that shows up on the scale almost every time I've weighed myself for more than a year. And no, I can't tell you what I weigh, unless I'm ready to die of embarrassment. Maybe some day if I ever manage to get to my goal weight, I will share my starting weight.

So far, Jillian Michaels is still kicking my butt in the 30 Day Shred, but it is getting "easier." Not easy by any stretch, but I don't have to pause the video to catch my breath now. And I'm back on my bicycle -- we took a long ride over the weekend, and I'm hoping to keep it up. Next up I am going back to the track to begin the Couch to 5K regimen again. If life doesn't intervene, I should be able to run three miles nine weeks from now.

I'm planning to update here about my progress once a week, every Tuesday. Please, oh please, let it work.


  1. Just stick to your routine. That's the best bet. I'm trying to do the same too but it so hard. It takes a lot of willpower to go to the gym. I love Green tea! just with lots of milk. Does that count as healthy? (it's soy milk too!)

  2. This is awesome. Well done!!!

    I'm trying this same thing myself, but I have yet to weigh myself. Eek. Although, I am strongly in favor of the weighing once a week. I learned that from Weight Watchers.

  3. Great job on the holiday weight! And good luck with the rest.

  4. Good on ya! I only got to day 5 before I buried Gillian and her DVD in my backyard...

  5. I so, so, so need some motivation to work out. HALP

    Maybe reading these will help?


  6. Nice.

    I've been dropping weight since I moved out to TN. I think it is primarily because living with the girlfriend and her kid doesn't really afford to my previous lifestyle of Jack in the Box and beer every night...

    Not that this info is important or anything. Good job, though. It's the small victories that matter most.