Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Between the first and second courses last night, I felt my Spanx begin to roll down my torso. Darned spandex good-for-nothing girdle.

I decided I'm not weighing in today, because it's been a doozy of a last week-and-a-half as far as my eating is concerned, in addition to which, here is what I ate last night at Arcadia in San Jose:

American Caviar Parfait - Creme fraiche, smoked salmon, egg salad, accompanied by a glass of Domaine Carneros Brut, Carneros 2006. Do I like caviar? I didn't think I did, but apparently, I do now.

Butter-Poached Maine Lobster - Corn crepe, thai curry sauce, organic sweet peppers, accompanied by a glass of Poet's Leap Riesling, Columbia Valley 2008. Thank you sir, may I have another?

Miso-Glazed Alaskan Cod - Scallop tortellini, braised endive, shiitake consomme, accompanied by a glass of Weinbach Gewurztraminer "Cuvee Laurence," Alsace 2002. A true work of art.

Valrhona Chocolate Ganache Cake - Tahitian vanilla ice cream, crispy chocolate, candied rose pedals, accompanied by a glass of Far Niente "Dolce" Late Harvest, Napa Valley 2005. This was like the best ding dong I've ever eaten, and the plate had chocolate pop rocks on it. 

I am sorry I don't have photos, but I couldn't bring myself to pull out my camera during dinner.  (Also, if you're interested in going to Arcadia, this was a special Valentine's Day menu but I hear their regular menu is fabulous, too)

In conclusion, I ate four quadrillion calories for dinner and will be working it off while eating lettuce leaves and green tea for the remainder of the week.



  1. You went to Arcadia! Sweet! Definitely no weigh in after that. Sounds like you liked it? :)

  2. LOVED it! We want to go back to try the regular menu.

  3. lettuce leaves and green tea make me sad!

  4. dude, i've failed SO HARD this last week. I can't bring myself to post about it, cause I'm such a loser.

  5. Spanx are evil and must be destroyed. What good are they if they roll down? I hate that feeling more than I hate Hitler. And I really hate Hitler.

  6. Holly - I know. Me too. :-(

    MGP - It's a total struggle. Right now all I can think about is eating a hamburger.

    Libby - Yeah, Spanx that roll down completely defeat the whole purpose. I need to get those ones that have a bra attached to them so they're forced to stay in place. That sentence is depressing.