Tuesday, February 08, 2011


It's Tuesday, therefore it's weigh-in day, and I have gained 1.2 pounds. It's not altogether surprising, although maybe a little unexpected given all the running, Shredding and biking I did but OH WELL.

So since I'm not pretending I don't know why I gained a pound, let us count the ways:

1) Sizzler. *fist shake*

2) Superbowl. There was no calorie-counting, only eating and drinking. Much, much eating and drinking.

3) Superbowl leftovers. Hello Monday. Nice to meet you and your Doritos and ranch dip.

4) I didn't work out yesterday. I was supposed to, and didn't. I took a nap instead. Yep! I did.

So let's see what I have learned and what to do differently this week:

1) Do not eat at Sizzler. Ever again.

2) Eat fun party foods IN MODERATION. I always forget that one -- moderation.

3) Pawn off leftovers on other people or throw them away. I managed to send all the cookies and some of the alcohol back home with their owners, but I still have some high-calorie stuff in the fridge.

4) Work out. Every day except Sunday. Period. We do not come from a people who lose weight without working out. We come from a people known for large cheeks, both facial and buttocky.

Ok. It's another week, and another opportunity to succeed. Next week, I'm pretty confident there will be weight loss. I just have to keep on trucking and not get discouraged. And dispose of the Doritos ASAP.


  1. Not eating at Sizzler would be good advice for everyone, I think.

    I, too, have rather cheeky genes. I've been trying to eat better and exercise since Christmas and I lose and then gain, lose and then gain. It's discouraging, but I think I do feel better, so that's something, right?

  2. Feeling better is a wonderful bonus! I always get sucked into what I call The Circle of Lethargy when I'm inactive for a week or more, and then I feel tired 24/7. So at the very least, I can appreciate the extra energy. :-)

  3. Eating in moderation on Super Bowl Sunday? Dude, no way.

  4. Good point, V. :-) But my cheeks are paying the price!

  5. Freaking Sizzler. They will RUE THE DAY!

  6. Can you please please please help me figure out a way to get to the point that I work out again? I drive 2 hours to/from work every day, and I just have NOT found a way to motivate myself to work out in my new life.

    Magic wand? Something? I used to motivate myself by making dates to work out with friends, but I don't really have any now.

    (I know, wah wah wah)

    Anyway, I love that instead of being mega-discouraged, you're honestly assessing and promising yourself you'll do better.

    Also, I loved Sizzler when I was a kid. What was I thinking? I guess I was just a sucker for a "fancy" salad bar.

  7. Water! Water! Water! Oh, and the other things too...

  8. ANd don't forget that muscle weighs more than fat; so if you're pounds ar going slightly up but your clothes are feeling looser it might be because you're putting on muscle.

  9. Oh dear Faith, how I wish it were that! ;-)

  10. And Ells? Dude, if I had that commute I'd pretty much be screwed. BUT seriously -- try the Shred, you can do that at home and it's only 20 min. Then you can email me and bitch about how much your pecs hurt (mine hurt like a sonofagun today)! Misery loves company...

  11. That's the beauty about losing weight in the winter. Throw on another hoodie until next week when you're skinny again. No one will ever know.

  12. OK, didn't do the shred, but I DID go to the gym today on my lunch break! (I just ate at my desk when I got back)

    I'm going to 100% say this post is what got me to go.

    Well, that and the fact that I was feeling a teense homicidal today. I needed to sweat.

    Hoping to do it again tomorrow!

  13. Yay!! Good solution. And in turn, you're motivating me to stick with it. Gotta let Jillian beat the "fear" out of my abdominal muscles again today.