Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winnah Winnah

Thanks so much to everyone who entered for the giveaway! I don't get many hits so there were only 21 entrants, several of whom I know personally or whom I feel I know because I read their blogs religiously or they are my verbose mortgage broker.

(Just kidding, Dan. I mean, you are my verbose mortgage broker, but due a certain mutual friend, you're really more of a partner in crime)

The winner has been chosen. Here's how they were picked....

I wrote everyone's name on a square of paper and threw them in a jar. I mixed 'em around.

And I pulled out ...

Congratulations Mrs. Saca! I happen to know Mrs. Saca is a teacher who just bought her first home with her husband. I'm sure they can use every cent available for home improvement costs. I know I personally spent a small fortune at Home Depot in the first few months of home ownership. The bleeding never stops, by the way.

Mrs. Saca, I'll be emailing you your gift certificate code right after I hit "publish" on this post.

This giveaway was fun and I hope to be able to do bigger and better in the future. Happy shopping!


  1. Yeah!!!!! So excited. I never win anything. I am so happy!!! Can't wait to spend it. I'll let everyone know what I buy with it. Not to rub it in or anything. And ERin, you are right, we need every cent we can get for basics in our new home. I think I see a lamp in my future or a rug or a dutch oven. And not the dutch oven I usually get (thanks, hubby).

  2. Hahahaha, dutch oven. Congrats, Mrs. Saca! Now you can get those breast impla... oh wait pots and pans.

  3. "...due a certain mutual friend, you're really more of a partner in crime)"

    It's true. Our friend is a gifted storyteller. At times, I felt like I was actually in the SJ State news room with everyone.

    Verbose? It's true.
    When I was four, my family drove to Disneyland.
    At some point my father, tiredly asked, "Daniel, why do you talk so much?"

    I replied, "Words make me happy, Daddy."

    What could he say to that?

    I guess some things never change:-)
    Thanks for the fun and congrats to Mrs. Saca.


    This is what I purchase with the gift card. No more clutter is my motto this year. So tired of magazines laying around in every room of the house. Hopefully this will keep the New Year's resolutions in check. And I know that Erin is all about New Year's resolutions!!!

  5. Dan - I love it.

    Mrs. Saca - Nice! I do love a good New Year's motto, and also being organized. Which I am not.

  6. p.s. I like how you followed the blog post "Winnah Winnah" with literally a "chicken dinner". Nicely done!