Sunday, January 02, 2011

MOAM's Best & Worst of 2010

Oopsie daisies!

I was supposed to post this Friday, but Friday was mad. Mad, I tell you! We hosted a rare party at our abode, and it involved much preparation. My ankles swelled into cankles from too much standing, salt and liquor. A sure sign of a good time.

Then Saturday was recovery and information-gathering for this post, so I figured Sunday night would be a good day to post since Monday I am going full throttle back in novel-writing mode. If you think that has anything to do with a New Year's resolution, you are absolutely right. But that is Tuesday's post. Stay tuned! 

So if you're unfamiliar with my end-of-year tradition here, what I do is post my Top 10 best and worst moments of the year. I have considered many times doing away with the worst moments, because it's negative, and it seems demeaning to list a loved one's death on my list, but I am going to keep it. I think it's important to look at everything that happened as a whole and realize some bad crap happened, and some good crap happened, and the amazing thing is we made it through in one piece. 

Starting with the best stuff, here we go ...

MOAM's 10 Best Moments of 2010

10. I got eight hours of sleep most nights this year. This does not sound like a big deal but for me? It was huge. I'd been getting five or six hours of sleep most nights of the week for years. I felt chronically exhausted, and I looked terrible. I now feel well-rested and my husband occasionally tells me I look younger now. Thank you beauty sleep! 

9. I "met" a lot of bloggers this year, via the Interwebs. There are a lot of kindred souls out there, a lot of people who get it. I feel privileged to have electronically interacted with many of these folks. I've also stumbled upon a number of amazing blogs. There are some truly talented people writing and taking photos out there, and I haunt a number of their blogs.

8. We had an awesome New Year's party. Maybe this is making the list because it's so fresh in my mind, but it was something of a milestone for us because we'd never had everyone over for a party before. I had a great time, and everyone else looked like they did, too. And everyone made it home alive. Win!

7. The Great Sell Off of 2010! We had a big garage sale and successfully cleaned out our living room, which previously was just a storage area for all the extra crap we had no idea what to do with. Strangers often asked us if we'd just moved in when they saw the mess. The Sell Off, in addition to the Great Ebay Sell Off of 2010, allowed us to clear the room out to prep it for the Great Living Room Redecoration Project of 2011, which is an upcoming blog post you don't want to miss.

6. The Great Carpentry Caper of 2010, during which we got three new exterior doors and baseboard for the whole house. I feel like a real girl! 

5. We got air conditioning at the house! Angels poked their heads out of the clouds and sang for us! We slept like babies on hot summer evenings. Blessed be the air conditioner, forever and ever, amen. 

4. We embarked on a family road trip to Oregon, to stay in my aunties' coastal cabin. It was freezing but beautiful. We ate and drank too much and went cuckoo on the drives to and from our destination. 

3. We took a last-minute trip to Las Vegas and had a fabulous time. I really do love Sin City. 

2. I started writing a book, and amazingly, I believe I am going to finish it. I'd been talking about writing a book for years, and with the encouragement of many, I finally did. If I manage to finish the thing, I will die happy. 

1. I quit my job! Without having another "real" job lined up! This is the best thing I could have ever done for myself, and would have been impossible without the mental and financial support of my long-suffering husband, who should be sainted.

MOAM's 10 Worst Moments of 2010

10. There was a gigantic oil spill in the gulf. Which is nowhere near me and has nothing to do with me, but disturbed me enough that at one point I blogged about it. I am listing a couple of icky disasters on my "worst" list -- you'll just have to get over it.

9. I had a weird stomach issue that is gone and wasn't really that big of a deal. The worst part of it is no one was sure what it was. My cheap HMO didn't want to look further into it unless I was dying from it, so... Yeah! I have a feeling it was related to #2.

8. The earthquake in Haiti. It was almost a year ago now. The images were awful. This is one of the first times I have donated to an international cause.

7. The Starbucks barista who made the best skinny vanilla latte near my office killed his ex-girlfriend and then himself. Which was weird and creepy and awful.

6. I video blogged, under duress. Duress I put on myself, because I am a dummy. That said, if I reach 200 Twitter followers in 2011, I will video blog again. It is my way. 

5. My husband discovered he has a sensitivity to gluten. This has been a blessing and a curse. Gluten, of course, is in all of our favorite calorie-dense foods. Cutting it out has resulted in weight loss for him, but not me (thank you, estrogen!).

4. I failed at my goal to run a 5K. I was derailed by a leg injury and my grandfather's death, and let it throw me completely off track in 2010. This is a goal that will be renewed in 2011.  

3. As is typical for me, I dieted unsuccessfully all year long. Start a new diet on a Monday, quit it on a Thursday, make zero progress. What I know -- what has been hammered into my head now -- is diets don't work. Don't ask me what does, I just know diets don't work. I won't do it again. The end. 

2. So, look. I've been trying to get pregnant. It hasn't been that long, and it's not a big deal, so no panic is necessary, but I went dark on the topic because I didn't want attention for it. But strangely, lots of my friends are telling me they have been struggling to conceive, and I imagine I will write more about this issue in 2011. It's going to all work out for us, it's just a matter of time.

1. My grandfather died in April. With the recent holidays, I've had my moments alone, when the loss washes over me. The man was hard, and many were divided in their feelings about him. But he was my grandfather. That is what it comes down to for me.

Phew! All done! Welcome, 2011. I plan to accomplish a lot this year. More on that later.


  1. A few things:
    1.) Great NYE party! It was so good, you might just have to host next year (haha)
    2.) I'm down with physical fitness. If you want to do the mermaid 5 or 10K, I'll probably do it this year too.
    3.) Happy New Year! I'm sure this year is going to be GREAT! Looking forward to another year of your funny, introspective insights into life! (And to reading this book of yours!)