Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Blue Streak

The anniversary of me quitting my job is nigh. About a month from now.

I want to finish my book by then.

Can she do it, folks?! 

Where's my adderall?

You know what's cuckoo? I think I can do it. Honestly, I probably would have finished the thing by now if not for one minor issue: Sheer terror of failing.

I read a book recently that had an interview with the author at the end. She says the first book she wrote took her a year to write and it's awful. She hopes no one ever sees it. It's in a drawer in her office.

When I read that, I think my heart stopped for 30 seconds.

The important thing, my husband says, is to finish the damned thing. I must agree. Finish it. Then I'll worry about the next steps.


  1. Hey, at least you started the book in the first place! That takes courage in itself, more than I have.

  2. V - somehow I doubt that you are lacking courage! You're planning quite the enormous life change yourself, nothing to scoff at!

  3. You can't succeed if you don't try. Of course, you also can't fail. That's the bitch of it.

    Just finish it.

  4. I agree with Vanessa. And good or bad, you have to start somewhere. You can do it!

  5. It's going to be awesome, I'm sure! Can't wait to read it... : )

  6. The fact you finished a book is n accomplishment in itself. That's something to celebrate. I'm not saying your book will be a failure....The other day I was feeling like a failure because I needlessly spent a lot of money and there was an obvious better way but it wasn't clear for me at that moment. Feeling like a failure and feeling sorry for my safe, I told my husband he should have married someone else who could do things better. I was just having a pity party. My sweet husband said it's more about the journey than the destination and he wanted to be on that/this journey with me. What a sweetie!! Enjoy the journey and be successful so I can say I know you and I can get you to sign my copy of your book when it's published!!