Monday, January 17, 2011

Ahhh yeahhhh

".... We had the two-forty. We had to have the puddin'."

I've had this skit stuck in my head for about two weeks. It's so ridiculous. At first you will hate it. Then you will love it. I'm sorry. And you're welcome. 

So you know what this means, right? This means it's a very bullet pointy kind of Monday. So here we go.

- We are socked in.

- I made Indian stew for dinner last night. It is the bomb. Here is the link. Make it. Goodbye.

- Hello.

- There was this crazy incident over the weekend I considered blogging about. But it's too morbid. It's about vigilante justice and extreme tragedy. I covered the story initially in 2001 and to see it evolve to where it is now is astounding. But I won't bore you or traumatize you.

- By "socked in," I mean it is foggy.

- Is Ricky Gervais funny, or what?

- Two of our best friends got engaged this weekend. They met at our wedding. 

- I mean, I always think to myself, if someone kills someone I love, I will kill that person. Blam. Done. But our justice system disagrees with that sort of stuff.

- Tilda Swinton is really in for it on "Fashion Police" tonight. I just know it.

- My husband stayed home today. Why isn't MLK day a true national holiday? It should be. Everyone should get it off.

- We went for a two hour walk on the Los Gatos Creek Trail on Saturday because the sun was shining and it was in the 70s.

- Joan Rivers kills me. I die.

- I think my two friends marrying is sort of like our little group's version of a royal wedding. Except they are planning a very small ceremony. But you get what I mean, right? They are well loved. 

- Why don't famous people have a sense of humor about themselves? I mean, everyone else is saying the same stuff about them, but when Ricky has the balls to say it to their faces? Get over yourselves, I say.

- Didja see Jane Fonda's nipple? I did.

- I think in cases of vigilante justice there should be a new rule: If you kill that person and it's obvious that person deserved it, if you go into hiding and no one can find you within three months, they let you off the hook.

- We are sore from our walk. That is sort of pathetic, yeah?

- It is lunch time. Indian stew leftovers! Goodbye. I love you. Toodles.


  1. It really has to be bullet points when there is just SO MUCH to talk about.

    I wish my husband had taken today off too. Boo. I didn't see Jane Fonda's nipple. But I love Ricky Gervais.

    I missed the Golden Globes. :( Just shocking about the murder/suicide over the weekend. Did you see that Rosen said there should be new results on the fiber analysis within 6 months? That story has always gripped my attention.

    Congrats to the happy couple!

  2. conversation between me and boyfriend while watching the golden globes...

    ME: um. i think i see jane fonda's nipple.
    BOYFRIEND: um. i think i do too.

    also- the state is probably THE best comedy sketch show ever written. i ran into kerri kenney in the bedding department at target a couple months back. i drooled.