Thursday, December 30, 2010

A resolution recap

I've been riddled with guilt over my non-posting during the Christmas season, but let me just say: I've been working on something big over here at the house. Well, it's big for me. I will have photos and details in the next couple of weeks and can't wait to reveal it!

I'm planning on posting my annual Top 10 Best and Worst list tomorrow, so I thought today would be a good day to check back in on my resolutions.

I started the year with 42 resolutions. Mid-year, I checked in and eliminated six that I felt were unrealistic. In the spirit of being consistent, I will break down my resolutions the same way I did July 1. The remaining 36 resolutions fall into the following categories:

1) This resolutions gots to go. It is unrealistic.

2) This resolution is COMPLETE.

3) This resolution is in progress.

4) I, like, totally forgot about this resolution and/or ignored it and/or failed miserably at my attempt to achieve it.

Here's how they break down:

1) I've eliminated two additional resolutions because they are moot points/unnecessary. Won't bore you with the details.

2) I accomplished eleven resolutions! None of which were to lose weight! Among my proudest: Quitting my job. I also managed to start making dinner at home a majority of the time, which was on the list. Done and done!

3) Seven resolutions are in progress. One of them is the mystery I alluded to above.... Stay tuned!

4) I failed at sixteen resolutions, one of which was to lose weight, of course. One resolution was to get pregnant, but there's no accounting for stubborn ovaries, so I should hardly be penalized for that one.

I'll carry over most of the failed resolutions, and all of the "in progress" resolutions and add some new resolutions to the mix. I really feel it's important to get that sense at the beginning of the year that anything can happen, starting January 1. It's a new year, a new chance. Making resolutions says "I have hopes and goals and dreams." Failing at some of them doesn't make me a failure.

See you tomorrow for the Best & Worst!


  1. I was begining to think that life had lost it's entertainment value.

  2. I just created my new list for 2011. I didn't make one for 2010 because I was THAT MUCH in denial of my need to improve. However, I'm looking forward to sharing mine with you tonight over a margarita (luckily there are no resolutions that include reducing alcohol intake.)

  3. Jesus, your method to managing your resolutions is intriguing.

    I wrote mine out with a Sharpie on one of those magnetic grocery list scratch pads after having consumed a few beers. I suspect I'll forget about them by the middle of the year, but I'm doing fairly well so far...