Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bullet points!

I'm a little all over the place today, so I'm reverting to an old favorite: Bullet points with sentences that may or may not have anything to do with one another. Toodles!

- I accidentally sent a package to my old office for probably the sixth time since I quit nine months ago, which means I need to put on makeup and go smile and say hello to get it, which annoys the shit out of me.

- Do I have a brain wasting disease or something? Precisely how many times do I need to make the same mistake before I learn not to do it again?

- Last night a wiry Italian man apologized to me for showing up at my house so drunk. I am officially the respectable lady that drunks apologize to.

- The drunk says he thinks two of the hottest celebrities ever are Meryl Streep and Tracy Ullman.

- I am becoming underwhelmed by The Biggest Loser. They treat their viewers like idiots.

- I made the bombest Indian stew last night. It really was the bomb.

- I am making short rib ragu tonight and it is also the bomb. I know this from experience.

- I can't breathe through my nose.

- The drunk says one time he was picked up after passing out drunk on the street somewhere in Italy. He awoke in the hospital two days later with a note on his chest stating he had been found deceased.

- It is cold in here.

- My parents bought a really huge TV and put it on top of their old entertainment center, and now it practically touches the ceiling. This makes me chuckle.

- The drunk says it really is time we start decorating our house. I'm a bit ashamed that someone so drunk even noticed.

- Am I lazy or what?

- I am reading The Imperfectionists and think I should like it more than I do because it's about journalists. But I don't.

- I am going to go eat lunch now.

- Goodbye.


  1. Most web sites allow you to designate a preferred shipping address, and erase old ones.


  2. The following things rule:
    • Short rib ragu
    • Big screen TVs
    • Bullet points

  3. Dear ME: I am actually aware of the "change your shipping address" option, and have successfully changed it at dozens of online sites. DARLING. (PS this was the Apple site, which sucks donkey balls).

    Vanessa: You are so right! I'm posting ragu pics tomorrow. :-)

  4. I can show you how to change your address with apple if you're confused.

  5. This drunk man intrigues me. I should like to make friends with him, I think. Mostly, I want to hear his stories, such as the note about how he was found dead.

    Also, I'm having some respiration issues, myself. It's about 15 degrees where I'm at right now, and I've only experienced this kind of weather maybe once before.