Monday, December 13, 2010


Somehow, despite the fact that I live like a hermit, I have managed to contract the Cold from Hell. Usually I can at least eat through a cold, but this one has put the smack down on my appetite.

In better news, I've lost five pounds! Who can say THAT in December?

Anyway, that is really all for today. I am going to go lie down with a hot washcloth on my face and I'll see you tomorrow, kay? Buh-bye then.


  1. The Christmas flu! The best kind! Wouldya mind sending a mouth swab my way? I'm supposed to be in a bathing suit on Dec. 27.
    Security word: Radju. Definition: The coolest of Moses' people.

  2. I thought you worked in a school?? The place should be crawling with the good stuff. If all else fails, just go lick some Safeway shopping carts. Where are you going Dec. 27?