Wednesday, December 08, 2010


I have this forehead. This Ellen Page forehead. It's a lot of forehead. I mean, people aren't saying, Wow, didja see that forehead? But I see it.

Oh, I see it.

And I've had this hairstyle for about 14 years. It's the style I adopted soon after I started college in 1996 and realized my poofy bangs had been out of style for at least seven years.

Here's how I been lookin' since then.

The color has varied from blonde to black but I think I've settled on dark brown, which is my natural color. I think.

Problem was that vast forehead was staring me in the face every day. I longed to cover it up, so I did.

I was trying to make the same face, for comparison's sake. Feel free to give your honest opinion. I'm on the fence. For one thing, my forehead is warmer, and I don't have to stare at that vast white expanse, or deal with that terrible side part, which for some reason seemed mannish to me.

Also, never you mind what's going on in the background. I know it looks like we're filming "Hoarders" over here, but that's just our latest eBay sell-pile. *groan*

An anecdote: I came home with this hairstyle last week and my husband says, "You have bangs." I say yes. He asks "Are those new?" I tell him if he isn't sure, then he's been playing too much World of Warcraft. 


  1. Love it! Almost makes me want to go back to bangs, but it took so many years to grow them out... seriously, though, it looks great.

  2. Oh Madwoman, I love, LOVE your bangs. So cute.

    btw, I miss reading you.

  3. LOVE. You look younger and chic.

  4. Dude, for one thing I think you misjudge your forehead. I don't think it even comes close to being in a big forehead category. Just sayin'. I think the bangs are adorable. Again, I never had a problem with the old bands but I really like the new ones!

  5. My wife is hot. BTW it was a fair question because recently you did have bangs sort of. It was layered, and you had 'swoopy' bangs.

    Oh and btw my Beast Mastery Hunter is now level 70 and I just tamed a rhino. SO there.


  6. Oh, dear. I think you have just proven my point, husband o' mine.

  7. Gorgeous both ways! But you know I love bangs!

  8. I've also got quite a bit of forehead, and have always wanted bangs. Sadly, I also have curly hair, and nearly every hairdresser has told me I won't look right I get them. One guy told me I'd look like a lamb. Nice.
    Anyway, you look awesome!

  9. Totally cute! I agree with Minal -- chic and young-looking. Not to mention sassy. :)

  10. You look great!!!! Hubs sounds like my guy. :)

  11. Wendy and I give your bangs a thumbs up! Il est tellement très chic!

  12. Bangs seem to work well for you. My girlfriend rocks some awesome bangs, and I love 'em. Although, she still mocks me for playing World of Warcraft...