Monday, November 22, 2010

The first leg

We are still gluten free over here. My husband has lost something like 15 pounds, but have I lost an ounce? That's a big fat No.

I am cooking cooking cooking cooking cooking and then there is a huge mess and I am cleaning cleaning cleaning cleaning cleaning. The rest of the house is in shambles. Dustbunnies galore, kitty litter on the bathroom floor, hair clippings on the sink from when I cut my bangs. Two weeks ago.

Gluten. Who would have thought? Cheese, sure. I could blame cheese. Spicy food? I thought for sure spicy food was off limits. But it's the gluten, there's almost no doubt. Suddenly my husband has regained the energy I forgot he ever had. He stopped snoring, which is a hugely positive development for me. He says his brain isn't foggy any more.

So yes. No gluten. No sandwiches, no flour tortilla burritos, no cookies, no regular stuff. Everyone has been very helpful by offering hints, tips, suggestions, because as it turns out tons of people are gluten intolerant. And their hints and tips are so welcome and needed. But I am a little bitter about gluten-free flour substitutes and their propensity to turn all baked goods into hockey pucks. I'm a little irked about simple things like soy sauce and cold cuts and what shall I do as far as stuffing is concerned on Thanksgiving? Even gravy usually has wheat in it.

Fucking gluten.

I might be a little irritable today.

First world problems, I'm fond of reminding myself. Oh, poor us! We can't eat gluten! I guess we will have to eat one of the four quadrillion other things that are available to us from our shiny and sparkling grocery stores.

Perspective is where it's at.


  1. Perspective indeed. It's so easy to get cranky this time of year, what with everyone else in our space. But then, we remember how great we have it, huh? Yeah. Fucking gluten.

  2. I would be insanely cranky too and it's OK. But I'm generally insanely cranky about most things. Put out. Just because we "shouldn't" be doesn't mean we aren't allowed to be.

    Also, there's like some weird fact that we're still evolving to be gluten tolerant? Something to that extent? Like it's not necessarily a given that humans are able to process it.

    I'm so happy for your husband, but I know it's not an easy path. It'll get easier. Hang in there.

  3. Go for the immersion blender! Do it! I love mine.

    Though I don't use it a ton, whenever I make a soup just like THIS I think, "Oh, me. I am so clever for buying an immersion blender."