Monday, October 04, 2010

Dedicated to the sunset

Following a trip to Tachi Palace in Lemoore for my grandmother's 82nd birthday, we were treated to a beautiful sunset on the return trip. 

It started with this double rainbow, which was, sadly, not "full on" but still led to the recitation of the Double Rainbow Guy monologue. By the way, Hungry Bear, you are so right -- it was so bright, and so vivid, but it just didn't translate to film. 

This was followed by me obnoxiously repeating: "What does it mean?!"

Then the sunset began. You can see the reflection of my camera in many of these shots, as I'm shooting through the car window.

We drove past an ethereal rain cloud.

Near the end of the sunset, the clouds were glowing hot pink. 

It was a busy and good weekend. More tomorrow.


  1. Those are some awesome sunset pictures there... I enjoy a good sunset. Rock on.

  2. Beautiful! I always love it when the colors are so crazy like that.