Friday, September 03, 2010

Son of a ....

Ok. I showered, put on makeup and recorded a video blog, but my expertise apparently ends there, as I was unable to make the sound match up with the video, and when you throw my PMS rage into the mix, I am giving up on the entire day as of right now and would someone please bring me a vat of chocolate?

Aside from that, I lost one follower last night and then today blocked a follower who was really a spammer that just wanted to sell me products to treat eczema, which is one of the few problems I do not currently have at the moment. Anyway, that means I have 99 followers and don't need to post a video blog, so everyone can just suck it today.


All right. I figured out how to sync audio and video, although BE YE WARNED that in the beginning of the video I look like a zombie ghost with no face. That effect disappears in the first few seconds.

So, also, you should know that:

1) This video is 3 minutes and 12 seconds long, is unedited, and is the first and only take I did today because PMS RAGE and IMPATIENCE. If you have a problem with the length of the video, you can suck it.

2) In this video, I discuss the disgusting stuffed cabbage I made for dinner last night. If you have a problem with me discussing stuffed cabbage, you can suck it.

3) The office in the background of the video is a mess. If you have a problem with this, you know what you can do.


  1. You look mah-velous darling. Seriously.

    From the video, I have concluded that: 1. You are an expert make-up person or 2. Your sunburn/peeling skin is very light, because I couldn't tell at all.

    Do let us know how that slow-cooker meal turns out today!

  2. This is very informative. Now I know to stay away from that recipe because I too thought hmmmm, this could be a diamond in the rough! There's a lean cuisine just like this that I, shockingly, quite like so I was intrigued. I'm going to do the Cuban dinner tonight!

    PS the office does not look messy and I like the freaky effect at the beginning!

  3. I think I need to be your video technician.


    I'm not sure how the whole image got flipped with a mirror effect.

  4. Shell - thanks! I think the lighting was on my side. Believe me, it's ALL THERE.

    Katie - the cuban meal looks really good, but every time I look at the recipe I think "red beans and rice didn't miss her." :-)

    Hubs - the image isn't flipped, whatchoo talkin bout.

  5. Yeah!!!! Do it again!!! Somehow I missed this posting! I think you look beautiful! Ok, enough with my random comments.

  6. do it again. you MUST do it again!

  7. NEVER!!!!!!! hahaha. We shall see.

    BTW, the slow cooker turkey stew tasted like shit. Martha is off her game.