Thursday, September 09, 2010

Sell off

Well, the garage sale is almost here, and am I ready? That's a big fat no.

Everything that can go, will go, and everything that doesn't sell will be donated. The problem is sifting through all of our stuff to figure out what stays and what goes and if something stays why does it stay and where does it go?

I am no organizational wizard.

I'm a minimalist in my heart and a hoarder in true life.

There are still boxes and boxes and boxes I need to sort through before the garage sale Saturday and I still need to price everything and put signs around the neighborhood and why didn't we just rent a big Dumpster and trash everything? We fantasize about doing that, and of course during the great Grandma-House-Cleanup of 2009, we sent several vanloads of stuff to the dump and you can't help but feel guilty about it but I assure you that if you live more than 90 years on this planet and never hold your own garage sale, what is going to happen after you die is that your kin are going to truck many of your treasures to the dump. They can take only so much. Once they discover the fourteenth jar of mayonnaise, they will throw up their hands in exasperation and their next call will be to Waste Management.

Yes, we fantasize about dumping this stuff, but I want to be environmentally friendly. Someone wants this stuff or needs it and wants to give me their pocket change for it. I want these bargain hunters -- nay, I need them -- to take these things away. If it stays here much longer, I may go berserk and pile it on the front lawn and light it all on fire.

I must be off: The boxes beckon. I will take photos so that later, when everything is painted and tidied and organized and beautiful I can show you how I went from a mess to success. Oh, yes. Success.


  1. garage sales are such a pain in the ass. We've held a few ... always turn into an adventure. Of course we always end up with a nice amount of cash, too.

  2. Good luck to you! We haven't had a garage sale yet -- we're tend to just take everything to GoodWill and get a donation receipt for it.

    Of course, cash would be nice too ...

  3. Jeremiah and I are Thrower Awayers and then instantly Regretting Throwing That Awayers.

    It's a interesting dynamic.

    I hope you sell a lot of stuff!