Thursday, September 02, 2010


I am gathering my thoughts today. They have no order. So I'm doing a list.

1. I threw some old beans in the garbage last night and this morning guess what the whole house smelled like? Disgusting old beans.

2. I ache all over today. Jillian Michaels' fault.

3. The office is a horrible mess.

4. It appears I am going to have to film a video blog soon. I think I will post it Friday. Wait, tomorrow is Friday? What the hell.

5. What the hell am I going to say on a video blog? Blergh.

6. Need to keep writing...

7. I'm attending a wedding this weekend. And a cat show.

8. I need to get organized for a block sale.

9. Today is Lisa's birthday. She has a funny laugh.

10. I need to plant more plants in the front yard.

11. My neighbors are going to hate me because I asked the city to install stop signs at our intersection and the city actually said yes. Or maybe they'll love me.

12. My neighbor's mother was just killed by a car. But not here.

13. I've decided I want to call my next door neighbor The Captain from now on.

14. I just ate a really big salad.

15. Yesterday Words with Friends let me play the word "homos" and today it let me play "douche." The week can pretty much not get any better.

16. I need to collect donations for the Juvenile Diabetes walk. I keep forgetting.

17. October is going to be crazy.

18. Sometimes I forget how old I am. I think I finally feel old and not like a 16 year old in some fat lady's body.

19. I need to make to-do lists but I never do. But I will. I will.

20. I need to Nair my 'stache.

21. I've never been in a love triangle. I wonder what that is like.

22. I want to have a giveaway on my blog. But first I need to figure out what would be cool to give away. I have lots of "treasures."

23. I just got distracted because I started my to-do list.



  1. Decorative wall boxes obviously would be the best giveaway.

  2. I choked on my gum for about 5 seconds on item 20.

    I'm sorry.

    I made a Nair reference last week, myself.

    No pressure.