Monday, September 27, 2010

Of blogging

On Saturday, someone who doesn't know me very well said that blogging is stupid.

I guess he doesn't read my blog, tee hee.

I didn't tell him I have one.

Blogging might be stupid. I overshare or share things that are a waste of time for you to read. There isn't much of value here, if you're looking to take something away from the experience of reading my blog. Except, perhaps, a $10 gift card to Starbucks, dirty bird.*

Thankfully, bloggers aren't writing their blogs for people who think blogging is stupid. We mainly do it for ourselves and other bloggers. We connect with others, and through our network support each other in our daily, monthly, and annual ventures. And most of us don't make a red cent doing it. It's how we roll.

Today, in honor of bloggers who are not stupid, I would like to share with you a list of blogs I found this year that you might want to read because they are well-written and some of them make me laugh and some of them make me cry and some of them make me drool.

Smitten Kitchen - she cooks.

NieNie. Just do it.

Pearl. She posts every day. And she is funny. Every. Day.

Schmutzie. She is giving up a vice.

Nothing but bonfires. She just bought a house in SF and is remodeling.

Discovery Street. She just returned from a months long honeymoon (yes, months, with an "S" on the end), and they're starting their life in Seattle.

I'll tell you anyway. She just moved to NY and is studying fashion while waitressing.

The Voyage of V. She lives in Sweden and posts awesome photos.

That should do you for a Monday. I don't know any of these gals but they are amazing. There are many, many other very good blogs out there, including blogs written by very good friends, but today I'm showing you how the network works -- the network you probably already know about because you read blogs and you have never said, Blogging is stupid.

*You have 'til midnight Pacific time this Thursday to enter the Hideous Microwave Contest & Giveaway and potentially win a $10 Starbucks gift card. Email a photo of your hideous, stinky, weird, huge, dirty, broken or janky microwave to


  1. Aw, I'm honored you put me on your list! You aren't stupid, either :-) And while lots of people might think there's no point to blogging, I completely disagree. How else would I be able to connect with so many interesting people from all over the world? It's pretty amazing if you ask me!

  2. Love blogging, love your blog, love the idea.

    And I bet that guy plays World of Warcraft or some other actually stupid thing.

  3. Thanks so much!! I'm with you... blogging really only appeals to a certain type. I don't think there's any way to really convince others that it's worth it.

  4. Vanessa & Annabelle - you're more than welcome. Thank you for entertaining me. :-)

    Libby - you know what is HILARIOUS? My husband plays world of warcraft. It is a new affliction of his and it. is. weird.