Friday, September 17, 2010

A new Friday video tradition?

Ah, Friday. Usually by Friday, I am well beyond the point where I have overshared and run out of things to talk about here. And yesterday, in anticipation of this very day, as I was heating up my lunch in my accursed malfunctioning microwave, I decided to tape the titillating experience for your viewing enjoyment so that I wouldn't have to come up with something ELSE to write about!

Just call me Planny Plannerson. We may have a new tradition in the making here -- Video Friday!

Now, before you watch, just a few things here:

1) Do not worry about why there are fourteen quadrillion things on my kitchen counter, including apples, citrus fruit, and brown sugar. Do not worry about the literature on top of the microwave or the rapidly rotting bananas.

2) Yes, my microwave is actually that dirty. But, as I explained earlier this week, I am focusing on more important things, like writing a novel, biatch!

3) In the video I reference heating up "dinner," but I rarely heat up dinner in the microwave. I heat up lunch almost every day. A boring technicality, but I am nothing if not a stickler for the facts. Ma'am.

4) Usually it takes a LOT longer for the microwave to start.

5) If you want to make this awesome pasta with tomato cream sauce from Pioneer Woman, just click here, my friend. You won't be sorry.

With that, here goes nothing! Again!


  1. OMG. That thing has GOT to go. If our microwave did that while I was heating up some milk for Sean? The house would implode with his rage. Seriously.

    We have an over-the-stove microwave that doubles as a fan. Having the extra counter space is faboo. Our is a LG. I HIGHLY recommend it!

  2. You need to get one of those old school idustrial microwaves that 7-Eleven ... or get one at Target, they are on sale for $39.

  3. Do you want our microwave? It's also a mammoth, but it works, and our new place has one built in.

  4. That was awesome! You should really be careful or you're gonna injure yourself! Geez, girl! Plunk down the $50 for a new one already!!!

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  6. We have a microwave in the basement that you could cook a turkey in, I kid you not...


    p.s. Can you imagine? Ish...

  7. Shell - I wish we could have one over the stove, but fear it would need to be part of a complete kitchen overhaul, which is certainly needed.

    Ben - Agreed!

    Sarah - Thank you but we are going to try to get some of our counter space back and buy a smaller one!

    Leslie - I'm trying, girl!

    Pearl - That sounds a little obscene...