Thursday, September 30, 2010

My bloggiversary

This weekend my blog turns 4 years old, which is something like 92-years-old in blogging years, and ... yup, here I am, still blogging for God knows what reason.

This whole shenanigan started about five months after I got married and about four months after my mother-in-law passed away. Life was hard at home, and work sucked balls and was boring as shit (one thing that hasn't changed in four years: my potty mouth).

I began the blog in order to kill time and also reach back and touch my roots as a writer. I never had any illusions that I would make money doing this, which is good because I've never made one red cent. Following my discovery of a couple of big-name bloggers who seem to make money, and that infuriating movie Julie & Julia, I began to believe it might be possible to become a profitable blogger, but that belief was similar to the one I had about how easy it would be to write a novel.

Which: HA! Double HA! I shall never insult the author of a poorly written novel again.

At first,  I had three readers, literally. And I was OK with that because I was blogging on the downlow. I blogged from my desk at work, and often blogged about work. Many of those posts have been deleted or edited down, as I began to fear that I would be discovered and probably fired (which in retrospect would have been a blessing). To date, no one from my old job seems to know about the blog, and if they do, they haven't let on.

Nowadays I have a smattering of readers and the unique visitor count never breaks 100. Which is cool. It's all good in the hood. Me and my peeps are keepin' it real.

I could grow my readership if I opted to discuss breastfeeding or certain crappy musicians who shall go unnamed or any number of other hot topics that bring in floods of readers, but I don't and won't. I unintentionally brought in a horde of readers for precisely one day, following the cat show we went to a few weeks ago that I wrote about. One of the cat people got wind of it and posted a link on their message board. I love cat people.

There were moments I considered shutting the blog down, but after these last few months I am convinced that would be a mistake. I finally feel like part of an online community, as cliche as that sounds, and I really do believe that only good things can come of this.


With that said, one final reminder that today at midnight is your deadline for microwave photos. Send them! You can do it! Or not? You don't have to? Christina, you are disqualified for coming up with the idea in the first place, even though your microwave is hideous.

And lastly, I shall leave you with some highlights from the last four years. Unfortunately, everything from 2006 is pure drivel, so I'm starting with 2007. Enjoy!

Boob shot - this post contains a photo of me wearing a heart monitor. This was during the Panic-fest of '07, when I was diagnosed with a number of minor and stupid problems that mean nothing.

Fire in the hole - This is the first time I set meat on fire in the oven. Since that time it has happened many, many more times.

Shopping with the masses - this is a Christmas shopping post from '08. The part that kills me is my husband calling me three times about an oven someone dumped in front of our house. I may be the only person this amuses.

Reverse - this is about my grandmother passing away in '08. Alert! It is sad.

The Clacker - About my grandfather, but it's not sad, I swear! It's funny.

Treasure Hunt - Some of the amusing "treasures" we found while cleaning out my husband's grandmother's home.

Just Kidding - My mental state following recovery from H1N1 last year. I'd lost 14 lbs! 

Progress Report - Before & after shots from painting the house in '09.

THE BABIES - Pics of our cats as kittens.

The Deets - My husband's emergency appendectomy.

Come to Jesus - The day I really decided to quit my job this year.

Four days - Photos from my grandparents' home, more bittersweet now that it's been sold.


  1. Happy Blogiversary!

    I'm excited to read these old posts. I love my blog, too, not for the money i make (which is 0) but for the people I meet and cherish. Here's to another 4 years!

  2. Cheers to you on your blogiversary! I remembered every highlight post minus the boob one. May you have many more blogging years.

  3. Happy anniversary to you!

    May you have many more. :)

  4. Congrats to you!!!

    Just discovered your blog (where the hell you been?) and am looking forward to catching up on your older stuff.

    I just passed my first blog-aversary, and am very impressed with you lapping four years!

  5. Darling, You are a very prolific writer and happy 4 years!
    I have a suspicion that this coming weekend will provide some juicy blog fodder!

  6. Without your musings I would laugh less. Happy Bloggiversary!

  7. Happy birthday, Old Lady! (The blog, not you.)