Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Monkey news

I'm in a bitchy mood today (fancy that!) so I am turning off my phone and cutting this entry short.

A couple things that may interest you --

  • I added a few blogs to my blog roll, over there on the right, under the archives. Some of these people are kindred spirits, some of them are just entertaining, and some of them are both. Some of them are amazing and some of them are silly. 
  • I cooked this Pioneer Woman recipe for dinner last night and it was THE BOMB. Although if you live with a meat eater like I do he may proclaim that it tastes damn good but could use some meat. I stand by my assertion that meat is completely unnecessary in this dish. Cook it. It's easy, and it's super delicious.  (FYI -- I only had half an onion and it turned out great. Also I used only a pound of pasta rather than 1.5 lbs, and it turned out great. Saucy. Me likey the saucy.)
  • I bought strawberries at the grocery store and the ones in the middle of the basket were moldy, which made me feel all ragey inside. 
  • Survivor starts tonight. You should watch it. It's the right thing to do, as PW says. 
  • My microwave is dying a slow death, which also makes me feel ragey inside.


    1. Son of a biscuit, Survivor starts tonight. Thanks for the reminder!

      And I HATE when I get moldy fruits in a package that has niceones onthe outside. Just toss em all.

    2. I choose to believe that I may be one of those kindred spirits because for starters, me likey the saucy too.

      You are the first non-family member or friend to put me on their blog-roll. Thank you. You are awesome for reasons besides that.


    3. Ben - word up on Survivor. And I totally ate some of the strawberries. Hee hee.

      girL - Mmmmm the saucy. I am a big sauce person. Also, you are more than welcome, and thank YOU!

    4. The corn people are evil, I read that book too. Corn syrup or corn sugar, what is the point? Dupe people more?

      Mmmm... strawberries!

    5. Nice Ricky Gervais show reference!

    6. Brahm - EXACTLY. Also congrats on being featured blogger this week. :-)

      Darling - knew you'd catch that! Fancy that, monkey news!

    7. I've been feeling ragey and annoyed at people for about a week now. So annoyed.

      I should tell you my sister is obsessed with the Pioneer Woman, and I need to read and make her recipes more often.

      Annoying corn people. Annoying.

      Good news: microwaves are only like $50 now. Get a new one and it'll be smaller on the outside, and bigger on the inside. You're welcome.

    8. I hate my microwave; it doesn't heat food evenly, which — when I take a bite of semi-cold leftover chicken — makes me want to take a baseball bat and bash the appliance. Unfortunately, it's a built-in model that came with the house (as did our lame dishwasher).

      I have a Consumer Reports account if ya want to do research on ratings. Just holler.