Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It got ugly, didn't it?

New official mantra/promise: I will not discuss babies/pregnancy/birth here if/until there is a reason to.

Because ...

I have a friend who was a bit anxious about having a baby and lived in complete denial of her pregnancy for about the first 7 months, during which she wore her normal jeans and bobby-pinned them under her belly, rather than buy maternity pants. She made everyone promise not to tell her stories of their own pregnancies or tell her what she should or should not do and how awful or wonderful this or that aspect of pregnancy/birth/babies could be.

I'm thinking she was on to something. Sometimes no information is really the best information there is. Ignorance is bliss, and all that jazz.

Because my apocalyptic dreams are back. I think I'm on information overload.

No more baby info for a little while, guys. Love ya! Now shut up.


So, to very purposefully change the subject:

Remember the food pyramid?

And how it says you should get this many grains and that many fruits and veggies and such and such number of proteins and legumes and dairy? Yahp?

Well my new diet plan is to try to get all my different food groups each day. Currently I get lots of dairy, a little protein and an occasional vegetable thrown in here or there. And sometimes an old piece of fruit that's been rolling around in the veggie drawer for a few months.

Mmmm, scurvy.

Mostly I eat lots of bad carbs and empty calories. And diet sodas. Most of my veggies are probably derived from salsa.

So I am making a chart for myself that I plan to post on the fridge to ensure I get fill up on the foods I'm supposed to eat, and then hopefully, when I'm done gorging on legumes and kale, I will be too full for chocolate.

I'll keep you posted.

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