Friday, September 24, 2010


We have a morning tradition around here that might gross you out. It goes like this: My husband and I eat breakfast and whatever miniscule scraps are left in our bowls or on our plates, the cats get to lick.

Yesterday I discovered that Murray likes Greek yogurt, which was no surprise, but what was surprising was that after he was done licking the bowl, he wanted to cover it up with newspaper, similarly to how he covers his dookie with litter in the litter box.

I googled the reasons for this behavior, and the morons on the Internet seem to think he is protecting his food. But I have never seen him do this with food before.

Anyway, it was damn funny, so I took a video of it! Enjoy.

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  1. Oh man, I sure do love cats!!!!! SEriously!! We have four and some of them do that. Our dog actually does it with her food bowl, too.

  2. Maybe he was looking for more? Your cats are spoiled. The only human food our cat gets is when I'm nice enough to share some canned tuna or salmon with her ...

  3. I've heard its them putting their sent from the oil on their paws around what's theirs.

  4. ha! This is why I'm a dog person.