Tuesday, September 07, 2010


So, I like cats, and I also like making fun of people who are strangely obsessed with cats to the point that they wear cat T-shirts and neglect to comb their hair because they would rather comb their cat's hair, so I decided that on Sunday we would attend a cat show.

To be precise: The Jazzy Cats California Gold Rush cat show. The show's logo, which was printed on the T-shirts we almost bought for shits and giggles, featured a cat in miner's gear holding up a nugget of gold and exclaiming, "Eureka!"

I love cat people.

There are rules to follow at the cat show. Namely, one should never actually TOUCH the cats because GERMS! and also, these are SHOW CATS whose coats have just been brushed and if you touch their coats with your grimy hands, the judges will NOTICE and then whose fault will it be that Dr. Sniffles didn't win the show?

Also, one should never speak too loudly in the presence of a show cat because one would not want to overwhelm the cat so that he does not perform to his peak ability later on when the judge is poking him in the eyeballs and feeling his testicles.

Never mind that there is a dude who is CONSTANTLY saying dumb shit over the loudspeaker, such as:

"Maureen, can you bring me a taco?"


"This is the fourteenth call for Number 346. Does anyone know where 346 is?"



Not included in the rules at the cat show is one thing I would think would be a given: No flash photos. But people were taking flash photos hither and thither, and with every flash the cats would twitch and crouch and look just a little more Mr. Hyde. Being the very considerate cat lover I am, I refrained from flash photos.

Please enjoy the following photographs, although some of them are a bit fuzzy. I'm not sure what all the different breeds are, but they're fun to look at! 

 Hello Mr. Meow Meow Face. 

 A sleeping Maine Coon named Windwalker. Note the sign about GERMS!

 A couple of kittens going berserk during judging. 

 Is it just me or does this cat look straight up human? Creeps me the hell out.

 This is a Savannah. These cats get really big.

 Oh buddy. Come to mama.

 Big orange Maine Coon. 

 What the tables with all the cat cages looked like. 

 A judging area.

 Look at these adorable tiger striped kittens!! 

 These little hairless jobbies are actually quite cute and friendly. 

 The owner of this cat bopped me on the head with a cat toy. Long story. 

 One of the judges.

 Another judge.


  1. I hope there's a reality show about this soon ... a la Toddlers and Tiaras. Something like "Crazy Old Ladies and Their Pussies."

  2. I think there is one, actually!

  3. Oh ... My ... God ... I don't knwo you anymore.

  4. Clap clap clap

    (ovation for MOz's show title suggesteion)

  5. YourCatShowAttendingSideKickSeptember 7, 2010 at 12:03 PM

    That one cat from the head bopping incident really looks like Wilford Brimley


  6. Ben - Don't be JEALOUS.

    Sidekick - Beetis!! These are my testing supplies.

  7. The blue scarf the first one is sitting on is quite spectacular. Also, the one you said looks human actually reminds me of the hairless one in the Austin Powers movies. Creeps me out too. And what's with the judges??? It's called a haircut. Look into it!

  8. I have only one thing to say: YEOWZA.

  9. I love cats. I just don't loooove cats. Those people freak me out. Not as much as the ferret people though..

    Did you know there are ferret people?

  10. Hahahahahah... Those hairless giblets or whatever you call them are grandbabies of my own cats!

    Your review made me chuckle, but also make sure you take a lot of things in stride. I had a Savannah there who was not being as well behaved as he wanted, but I had a lot of people wanting to poke their hands into the cage and handle him and his curly coated companion. Instead of letting them chance getting scratched, I DID eventually put a 'please do not touch' sign on my cage.

    Plenty of exhibitors will let you handle their cats- and plenty of them are willing to share their knowledge as well as their opinions on things :)

    And most of the people there are just ordinary people- really quite harmless ;)

  11. Oh and btw... You know when we retire we're probably going to be those 'cat people' although I think we're hardly organized enough or fastidious enough to really win a competition with a cat of ours.

  12. here is a link to more Savannah Photos. Actually my cat Ruby a F1 Savannah was crowned Savannah Rama Queen for 2010.


    Ruby is in photos #2 - 8

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  14. EJ - Indeed, I saw some kids tormenting the cats and I don't blame you one bit for posting a sign. Please take my post with a grain of salt -- I am making fun of myself as much as anyone. Also, everyone at the show was very friendly and informative. We had a great time!

    life -- thanks for the link! Ruby's beautiful!

  15. Hi Erin, I hope you don't mind the new blog visitors. I am a Savannah breeder and show occasionally - found your blog this morning and forwarded to our cat list (yes we have yahoo groups too!) LOL

    Thought it was funny to see how we (crazy cat people at cat shows) are perceived by the general public. Love it and glad you had fun. :-)

  16. Cat people make sure to check out our little guys too:

    Murray and Simon

  17. Well you should see her jump 8 feet. I have it on my youtube channel. just search "lifeatthesharpend" and ruby jumps 8 feet. She is also videoed as a kitten in "how to pill your F1"

  18. ljatsoh - definitely don't mind the cat people visiting. Welcome!

    life - saw the video -- Insane!!