Friday, August 20, 2010

Serious upgrade

There is a running joke amongst a group of our friends wherein one of us will remark on someone's new something, and call it a "serious downgrade."

For instance: "Are those new shoes? Serious downgrade."

This stems from an incident in which a fringe member of the group called my husband's new car a "serious downgrade" from his previous vehicle. Like, seriously. It, like, totally stuck.

Anyway, all of that to say: We recently had a serious upgrade to our electrical system over in these parts, in addition to the installation of a brand spanking new air conditioner, which I love and which I have named George. Thank you, George, for the cool air you consistently blow through the vents. You have put an end to boob sweat.

About 14,000 years ago, I posted a couple of "before" photos, and now that George has been born, I have decided to post some "before" AND "after" photos. Novel, I know! 

 This is our old electrical panel. 

 It had seen better days. It was mainly a home for disgusting spiders. 

Awesome! And safe!


This switch controls that thingy. Thank you for the labels, helpful electrician fellow! If anyone in the Bay area needs a good electrician, I've got one.


 This is George. Say "hello," George. Did I ever tell you about my mom's obnoxious myna bird named George, who used to say "Hello, Geooooorge"?

 This is a seemingly useless hole in the wall.

BAM! Whodat? I'm in your backyard, takin' out yer trash. 

What the hell? This is the lasagna I made for dinner last night. It was all right. 

Hella gross. 


So putrid. 

Full on illuminated double light switch!! That was a nod to the Rainbow guy. Do you know what I'm talking about? If you don't, GO HERE NOW, do not finish reading this drivel, just GO.


It's orgasmic. 

El hideoso. 

La bonita. 

What the hail. No, not hell. Hail. 

Hello, adorable GFI plug! 

So that's pretty much it for now. We've got a number of painting projects coming up and a whole mess of furniture that needs to be procured before I can stop having nightmares about our house being uninhabitable. More before-and-after fun to come, hopefully sooner than later. 

Have an electrifying weekend!


  1. Oh, shit. Are those METAL covers for the electrical sockets? That CAN'T be safe ...

  2. Yawp. Our electrician informed us that we were not living safely. There was arcing or some such business happening, and our house was in danger of burning down every time I used the washing machine.

  3. Pretty!

    (Hahahaha, serious downgrade.)

  4. Wow. So many things to say about all that. First off, down with boob sweat. Sersiously. It's the worst. Or maybe butt sweat is the worse, but boob sweat is definitely in the top 3. Don't make me mention the third.

    Also, those switchplates were SUMTHIN. Wow. What the hell happened in that house in the '80s? I'm guessing porn.

    And as for George... I kinda wanna make out with him. Enjoy the coooool!