Thursday, August 12, 2010

On this day

Happy birthday, darling.

In case you wondered whether I intended to again construct a list of things I love about you that corresponds to the number of years that you have been breathing air on this planet, let it be known that Yes, I do intend to. Again.

You are 34 this year, and I met you when you were 20. Which -- as I mentioned the other evening -- means that you are getting dangerously close to the time in your life when you will have known me for more years than you haven't. When that day comes, blood will cover the sun and crypt doors will roll open and the dead themselves will shake their heads at us.

That was a joke about how it will be a dark day, indeed, when you have more memories of me than you do of your childhood, but it might not have been very funny.

So anyway.

It is your Birth Day, and it has been an amazing 12 months since your last birthday, which is what made writing this list amazingly easy. So without further ado, in no particular order, I give you the list.

I love:

34. That you allowed -- nay, encouraged! -- me to quit my job and write a book. This kind of understanding and support in a mate is more than most people will ever find.

33. That you go a little nutty when giving me gifts, possibly because you're not sure what to get me and you know that expensive jewelry is a surefire winner every time, but possibly because you are just that adorable.

32. That when you have good gossip for me, you always start off with, "So get this." Which I love. Because I love gossip.

31. Your new pants. You'd been wearing the same style of pants for, well, 14 years, and this year you discovered a new, sporty style with a closer fit, and I think they're sexy.

30. When you unzip the legs off of your new sporty pants to turn them into shorts. It amuses me greatly.

29. Your reaction to air conditioning.

28. The way you were on vacation in December.

27. How you're good at building stuff.

26. How you think my shampoo smells nice.

25. When you tell me my butt looks smaller.

24. When you are content to do your thing in one room while I do my thing in another room.

23. The way you are with the cats.

22. Your thick hair.

21. The way you love to be pet.

20. When you are indignant on my behalf.

19. That you cried at my grandfather's funeral.

18. When you give in to my constant Mexican food cravings.

17. That you organized the office for me when I decided to quit my job.

16. That you've spearheaded several major home improvement projects.

15. Your renewed interest in biking.

14. That you handle the car maintenance issues.

13. When you love my cooking.

12. When you cover the pipes in the winter.

11. How you are cheerful in the mornings.

10. That you're working on a difficult project for a friend.

9. That you have aspirations well beyond what you currently do.

8. When you give me ideas for my book.

7. Your gratitude regarding The Great Ebay Selloff.

6. That you are attending a co-ed baby shower with me this weekend.

5. When you grill meat!

4. When you kiss me like you haven't been kissing me for 14 years but like you met me maybe 14 minutes ago.

3. When you call alcohol business juice.

2. When you take me to the movies.

1. When you read my mind.


  1. This made me laugh very hard. Love you guys. Happy Birthday, husband of Erin.

  2. This is very cute!!

  3. really cute!!!

    Happy birthday to your hubby! :-)

  4. You're too nice honey.

  5. What about he's a total hunk with the kindest eyes in the world....

  6. Happy Birthday, Hubs! We in the Stubler household also think you are pretty great.

  7. Awesome post! And you're right, he DOES always start good gossip with, "so get this..." Ha!

    You guys are a great couple! So excited to hang with you this weekend!

    Oh, and Happy Birthday to BK!

  8. Ah, love :-) What a sweet list!
    Also, is it ok if I adopt the term "business juice"?

  9. My husband adds that when he has good gossip he also says, "So check this out."

    Auntie - You're correct, he's a total hunk with the kindest eyes in the world, but I only had 34 spaces! Next year, perhaps.

    V - "business juice" is all yours, and I admit it's not original to us: We got it from watching "30 Rock." :-)