Thursday, August 19, 2010

I will now accept my Academy Award for documentary filmmaking

Yesterday I bought my cats a toy that squeaks when they bat it around. It was to replace a similar toy they'd had that one of them eventually "killed." When the previous toy stopped squeaking, much of their joy in playing with it was lost.

This morning, the new squeak toy was discovered drowned in the cats' water bowl. I fished it out and dried it off and it began to make this ... unearthly squeaking noise that wouldn't stop, and the cats were a bit baffled by it. So I video taped their reaction for your enjoyment. Personally, I think it's hilarious, but I do tend to crack myself up. I'm my own biggest fan! And the men with the straitjackets will be here shortly.

But before that happens, a couple of disclaimers.

1) This is not what I sound like in real life. When I was taking this video, an alien inhabited my body and spoke for me.

2) The alien was doing that annoying baby talk with the cats.

3) If you have vertigo, this is probably not the video for you.

4) Do not judge my linoleum floor.


  1. Wow... Those mice must be electronic??? I didn't realize that. I wonder if you can just change the battery in the other one. Weird.

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