Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Creepy Dolly Fiesta

What we call pretty much everything around here is a fiesta.

For example: If I have to clean the bathrooms, I might say It's time for the toilet bowl fiesta.

When the cats are in the midst of a destructive tear, we might call that a Pussy Fiesta

Add fiesta to the description of any task, and it becomes humorous.

Which is why today, since I have to sell a number of creepy dollies on eBay and I'm not particularly looking forward to it, I am calling it the Creepy Dolly Fiesta

I call this one "Apocalypse Dolly" because it's from 1960 but looks like it was "born" yesterday. This thing will be around, looking brand new, long after I'm gone. It sold in about two hours -- apparently it's a rare find -- for an obscene amount that I would never personally pay for a creepy, blinking hunk of plastic, BUT THAT'S JUST ME.

Ear Needle Dolly. If she could, I think she would get up at night and slip needles into our ears.

This doll wants to eat my face. I. am. a. robot. I. feed. on. human. flesh.


And this doll looks PISSED. Why did you keep me in a dark box for 40 years?? My hair got messed up. Now you must pay.


  1. Craziness. The last one actually resembles your displeased pic from yesterday's post. ;)

  2. I agree with Katie!! And the one with teeth is Shirley Temple for goodness sakes. Anyway hope you make a mint.
    Love, mom

  3. The first doll looks like something from a twilight zone episode. Does the last doll have dimples. I thought this was a pretty hilerious post.

  4. I am so glad I read this post during daylight hours.